Welcome To The LV Forum, Please Introduce Yourself!

I just realized that I never posted here. And it's always fun to post on these.


Read it backwards if you don't understand.

Most people call me Alex, but don't confuse me with the person whose screenname is "Alex".
Hey I'm GregRox or Addy or Adri and I'm from Canada. I've been obsessed with LV for two and a half years and as you can probably tell from my username I LOVE Greg! So hi!
Tciddaisc! Very unique with the name. Creative! I like it! As TallyHo has said above, hello to Tciddaisc, GregRox, sarahbeth73, and mandy9578! Hope you have a blast! If you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask the mods. They are always willing to help a fellow CSI Fan when they need to.
Hi everyone,
Just found this site and happy to find other CSI fans.I am new to the CSI with only a couple of season, but watching all the shows in syndication. Live in Alabama and love the whole forensic stuff. Look forward to discussions
hi im new to the forums im yvonne and love the csi shows esp csi
miami but my second csi fave is las vegas grissom is lovely,i look forward
to chatting to other csi fans x
Welcome to all the newbies that are joining :) Help yourselves to the goodies on the table :) For those that are Nick fans don't forget to check out the Ward. We have extra helpings of chocolate there daily :D

My name is Steffi, i am 19 years old and from Germany!
I really enjoy watching CSI, playing guitar, soccer and photography.

Nice to meet you all here!
Welcome Billy, hummingbird1 and littlemegs :) Help yourselves to some food and beverages and enjoy yourselves. Also excuse some of our names as we are having fun for Hallowe'en :)

Just saying hello to all the members of the forum. I've posted a few times on the CSI:NY forum but never here. I absolutely adore Greg and Nick. They can swab me anywhere anytime :devil:
Hi people. I'm 28 and new. I like CSI Vegas the best. I like pretty much everyone on there, but best I like what Grissom says sometimes and also Brass. I'm in love with Greg and Nick, but more Greg.
Welcome Iluvgreg80 :) enjoy the goodies on the table and I'm pretty sure there will be some Hallowe'en treats added soon :) and of course excuse our names as some of us have changed our identities for the season :) If you do enjoy Nick make sure you visit the Ward and of course don't forget the Greg sites :) but best of all have fun.