~Welcome To The CSI:Miami Forum!~

Hello everybody!! I've been a lurker for some time but I decided it was time to become a member since my love for CSIM has increased a lot during season 8. :)

Just a small warning: English is not my first languange so I know I'll make some mistakes. Feel free to correct me!
Welcome to the Miami Forum, Southern&Cuban! :D I hope you have a wonderful time here. :)
Hello everybody!! I've been a lurker for some time
I felt that someone was watching us. That explains it. Welcome to the nut house. There are virtual snacks on the invisible table by the imaginary door. Wipe your feet on the Welcome mat, pull up a keyboard, and have fun.

Oh, and your English is fine. There are members from many countries around the world. And you type better English than some of the Americans on the board.
Hello, I am new to this. I only started watching CSIM in 2009 Nov ( altho I watched the other 2 CSIs b4 that) but I am pretty obsessed with CSIM! I only knew there were forums about a month ago and somehow I missed this thread till today!
Hi! I might have been lurking around for a while and since I can't help myself, I might have snatched some of those virtual snacks as well, hope no-one noticed ;).

I've only watched CSIM for a little over a year or so, starting with season seven on early morning tv at like 5 a.m before going up fly fishing in the sunrise, LOL. However, I started watching everything from the beginning and I'm now at the last few episodes of season four, yay! Is season five better?

Anyway,time to go for a run before I chicken out....