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Hey Hardline, thanks for that link message to YouTube. Like the man said; "you`ve made my day"! It will keep me busy for quite a while downloading the snips. Like Kris44 said, it makes the eyes a bit moist to look back at those epic moments, and realise that it`s all ended. Anyway thanks to you, we can always browse back through them.
Hi, Nice to meet you! I'm ioppoy.
Often drawing Fan Art at My Web site and Twitter account(@ioppoy).
Love "CSI:Miami"! Horatio, Calleigh, Eric&Ryan!
I love "/" and "&" both :)

Last summer, I just finished to watch all episodes.
So I'm really enjoy looking at various past talks.
It's a lot of fun to see review at the time!
Now I'm watching on DVD.

I'm really happy to meet this drama.
Thank you, everyone. - ioppoy, from Japan.