Wallpaper Thread #10: Showcase, Links, & Requests

egeria-that Ryan one is hot! *snagged* :drool:

csifann1-I love all three! Great job!

Hannah-the Calleigh wall is beautiful! Love the effect! :thumbsup:
Orla, that Stella wall is just fantastic. Very colourful.

Desertwind, I really liked the "A Loved Fox" wallpaper :thumbsup:

Linda, loving the SMACked wallpaper :)

Sam, that Mac wallpaper is gorgeous. I love that it's black and white and the quite you used is great :D

Remke, very nice Gary wall :thumbsup: I really need to see that movie.

GNRF, love the MDPD Purple wallpaper :lol: Great idea.

egeria, those are gorgeous :D I really like your Ryan one.

csifann, I really like your Calleigh wall :thumbsup: and I love how you made the pool table purple :D

Hannah, those are beautiful :D I really like the Angell one.

Mine from the Purple challenge:

Everyone has such great wallpapers, no wonder I didn't win in the purple challenge.

I bow down to you all! Fantastic job, everyone!

Egeria, figures I'd vote for one of yours. :rolleyes: :lol:

All those non-purple challenge walls, are fantastic too! Some very creative ideas for the wallpapers.

Must go make some more.

In the meantime, here's my two from the purple challenge.

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NO purple here, but just a manipulation of the cannon couple and baby makes three


And thank's Axle for the compliment~
Just thought i'd give one last update before my hiatus - all my wallpapers from two challenges back can be found HERE at my livejournal - enjoy!