Wallpaper Challenge Thread #2

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Re: Wallpaper Challenge #16: In the Lab

I'm happy that you're all happy with the extended deadline. :D

Just a reminder, the new deadline is Tuesday 8pm GMT, please enter the challenge if you can, new entrants always welcome too. :)
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Sent mine in, too. Wouldn't have made it in time without the extended deadline though ;)
Oh I'm sooo curious about the other wallis!
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Wallpaper Challenge #16 - In the Lab

OK, time for voting! Thanks for all the entries. Firstly a little apology from me... When I uploaded the wallpapers to photobucket I still had a maximum size of 800x600 set, so if your entry was bigger than that you may notice that it has been resized, but the proportions are the same so don't worry. :p

Voting Rules:
1. Vote for three in each category. Vote for your favorite first, then second favorite, then third. It is very important that you do it this way.
2. Don't vote for yourself. Also, don't tell anyone which one is yours, or that they should vote for them.
3. Please vote in both categories. Also, don't be worried about voting agianst yourself, everyone else is!
4. Please be sure to look at ALL of them before choosing!
5. Voting will close on Monday, August 20th, so get your votes in before then!


Beginners 01
Beginners 02
Beginners 03
Beginners 04
Beginners 05
Beginners 06
Beginners 07
Beginners 08
Beginners 09
Beginners 10
Beginners 11
Beginners 12
Beginners 13
Beginners 14
Beginners 15
Beginners 16
Beginners 17
Beginners 18
Beginners 19
Beginners 20
Beginners 21
Beginners 22


Advanced 01
Advanced 02
Advanced 03
Advanced 04
Advanced 05
Advanced 06
Advanced 07
Advanced 08
Advanced 09
Advanced 10
Advanced 11
Advanced 12
Advanced 13
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #16: In the Lab

Great job, everyone as usual! :)
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #16: In the Lab

wow....awesome WP's everyone

Beginner - 04, 20, 21
Advanced - 08, 01, 07
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #16: In the Lab

Really great job...so tough to pick.

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