The Warm Welcome Thread #3

Hi, I'm new :) Prompted to join after hearing the news about Melina :( I've been watching CSI:NY for years but I only started really loving it lately since seeing the latest episode. I love Lindsay and her relationship with Danny :)
Welcome to the forum, Sendibo - I'm sorry you only found us after hearing about Melina, but I'm glad you joined us. :D
Hi! I'm Kim from the Philippines. I'm an avid CSI:NY follower. I would like to know if there are promos or contests wherein the winner would win a tour on the set of the show and meet & greet with the cast as well. It's my ultimate frustration! :hugegrin: I hope so!

Glad to meet fellow fans here. More power to the show and to us!
Welcome to the forum Sendibo and Kim! I believe there was a contest to win a set tour few months ago but I'm not sure if there is any lately.
Thank you for the warm welcome, Geeno, Grissom rules, and Faylinn! I really dream of meeting the cast in person. Hahaha! I hope in time I will and can. Nice meeting you!
Hello everyone! I'm Country lol. I am 24 and have been lurking for a little while, but decided to join today. I am a kinda new to CSI NY. I was googling pics of Gary Sinise and found this site. I am glad to find like-minded people who appreciate his attractive qualities.
Welcome to the forum Country233! I found this site when I Googled CSI: NY when I was a new fan a year ago. It's great in here. Enjoy! :)