"The Theory of Everything" Discussion *SPOILERS*

In a quick summary:
Funny Hodges.
Cute Wendy/Hodges flirting.
ROLFMAO @ Cath/Hodges
Cute, lovable Gil Grissom of Season 1 is starting to make a re-appearance.
The Doc/Dave tidbits were very enjoyable.

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As far as explaining the presence of the sardonic deadpan-ness that is Jamie Hyneman and the manic balls-out-ness that is Adam Savage...isn't Nick supposed to be a Discovery Channel buff? (MB is on Discovery...) That and the fact that, for all its scientific content and serious analysis of process, at its heart, "Mythbusters" is really about geeks blowing $#!+ up. And we love it. Come on...remember the cement mixer episode of MB? (Frank Doyle rawks...:thumbsup:)

Anyway, who wrote this episode - Chris Carter? Or should I say, Darin Morgan? It came off like one of the geniusly comic "X-Files" episodes. "Don't tase me, bro!" was a must. And the Hodges abuse was, all apologies to the Hodges enthusiasts here, hilarious, especially Mandy's quickie phone advice. Just enough detail and analysis and point-A-to-point-B to work for the cases...but damn. This is my fave since "You Kill Me".
Well, I loved this episode. It made laughed quite a few times.

I really liked the banter between Super Dave and Doc Robbins. It was great and kind of a switched with Super Dave being funny and Doc robbins usually annoyed.

Nick: Don't tase me, bro!
Griss: Don't tempt me

It's like seeing a little of the old Grissom

Griss: Stop stalking me

I don't think he was too harsh on Hodges, after all, Hodges puts himself in that position.

And Catherine teasing him :guffaw:

Mandy: Move out of your mother's house. You gotta love it!

And Princess, Nick and Brass chasing a subject is always a good thing!!!!! ;)

I thought the story line was great. Who knew sulfer could do that with your blood. The things you learn from this show.
I loved this episode.
Especially the scene with Brass and the IA guy: "poor choice of words"
Brass has a oneliner at hands for every situation.

the dialogue in the morgue at the beginning was priceless. I loved how Doc Robbins tried to avoid saying "No signs of sexual trauma", but since "You kill me", every mentioning of the phrase has me laughing...I just can't take it seriously any more (at least not in an episode like this)

Although I have to say I must be a super geek because I already knew the stuff Griss told the others about string theory. And I'm a history major, not physics...
I leaned this stuff when I went out for a drink with an industrial engineering student and her "I got a PhD in theoretical physics but then decided to work for a business consultancy because physics and economics are basically the same: it's all about maths"-boyfriend.
I am a super geek, no doubt about that :lol:
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One observation I noticed as I watched the second time around - they're all coming in through a different door (the big, open door) in the autopsy room now. I like how it makes the room seem much bigger.
And the Hodges abuse was, all apologies to the Hodges enthusiasts here, hilarious, especially Mandy's quickie phone advice. Just enough detail and analysis and point-A-to-point-B to work for the cases...but damn. This is my fave since "You Kill Me".

I'm a Hodges fan but I loved all the light ribbing the whole lab made toward the guy. It was hilarious indeed.

I also found Doc Robbins and Superdave a hoot as well, but then, they are always great. Poor superdave had a little teary moment at the beginning when he was looking at the Deer before doc came in.

This was definitely an "add to my favorite" sort of episode.
"Don't tase me bro!" That was all i could think of when i saw they were doing a taser death...and then Nick said it :lol: Unfortunately i don't think a lot of Canadians will find this one funny, since we have a big outcry for the banning of taser guns.

Overall pretty good, very 'x-files' like, i am convinced the writers are big x-files fans, there are subtle hints every where. And seeing al la Cart, i was wondering if they were mythbusters fans, since they copied their experiment at the end. Looks like they are...and i think that was what their cameo was about, tptb are fans, and wanted to somehow get them into the show. I wish they got a speaking part though!!

The cyanide was REALLY obvious. They showed Hodges in the field, in the preview, and he was wafting the air. Obviously, he was smelling for cyanide, since he is 'the nose'. So as soon as they showed the old couple, i knew the cause of death :lol:

There were some really good lines...oh Hodges, stalking Grissom, he can be really creepy.

Warrick looked like total crap. Not surprising they are letting him go...
Yeah I think it was just a kudos to Mythbusters fans overall.
That was my take on it. Based on the preview, I wasn't sure whether they would get anything beyond that little scene, but I'm fine with the way they did it. Yes, it was a little throwaway scene, but also a nice nod to a show that has fun, in real life, with many of the same kind of experiments that "CSI" does.

I really enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I would. I was afraid it would rely too much on a slapsticky approach to the cases, but the humor was nicely done, I thought. Hodges would be great in the field; his persnickety demeanor is totally at odds with the dirty work required, but it would be a good "personal growth" experience for him, LOL!

It seemed like all the characters got a nice balance of involvement this time around, and it had more of a "team" feel to it than many recent episodes. I hope that continues on through the rest of the season.

Funny thing: When Warrick was talking to the next-door-neighbor (the jewelry maker) about her possibly being a suspect in the deaths of her next-door neighbors, even though I know it's not the same actress, I thought she looked and even sounded like Jenna Fischer, the actress who plays Pam in "The Office"; a lot of her facial expressions were similar. Not in any other scenes, just that particular one.
Hello! I usually post in the Miami forum, but I just had to come in and see if anyone had any reason for the MB's being there, although as you can see by my signature I didn't mind at all getting to see my favorite redhead. :D

Overall I thought the episode was just flat out bizarre, and then when they summed it all up with the string theory (Which made me laugh and think of Quantum Leap), it was almost like the writers were winking and saying "Ha ha, 'strung' you along for 44 1/2 minutes to tell you it was all really nothing!" Very strange ep, but very fun despite it.
Seriously, this episode was classic CSI.

I only got to watch it now, absolutely LOVED it.

Just everything about it, classic written all over it. Brass being Brass, with some great one liners.

Lots if CSI-bits of science, evidence collecting, autopsy etc, some gore, crazy deaths.

Some great Super Dave and Doc moments.

The scene between Griss and Hodges, perfect! 'Hodges I want you to stop stalking me'. :guffaw: And I loved that there was lots of Hodges moments. And any scene with him and Griss are great, the two actors play so well off each other.

There where just lots of real quirky bits, with Henry, Hodges, Wendy etc all joining in. It was just quality.

The green gloop and the guy going crazy cos of the light, was all very X-Files as well.

The end scene of Griss back in teacher mode, with his troops all around was nice as well. And the fact that Billy Petersen has been doing a lot more screen time since the strike is just the icing on a big gooey cake.

And the way they tied it all in, really just makes this a classic episode. Well done to the writters and actors. CSI has really come on strong post strike imo, some super episodes.