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Air Date: Thursday, May 01, 2008
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#815) "The Theory of Everything"

THE CSI TEAM INVESTIGATES A SERIES OF SUSPICIOUS DEATHS WHERE THE VICTIMS ARE LINKED BY THE FACT THAT THEY ALL HAVE GREEN BLOOD. - Grissom and his team discover several victims who have green blood, leading them to the conclusion that their deaths are somehow connected. - One woman is shot, while someone is accused of redressing her and putting her in the back of his truck. Also a man who is drunk and being interrogated by Nick and Brass tries to escape and is pepper sprayed. Officers then taser him and he bursts into flames. -- Meanwhile a woman at the front desk tries to warn people (including Nick) of an alien invasion, but this incident only fuels her belief.

Gil Grissom: William Petersen
Catherine Willows: Marg Helgenberger
Warrick Brown: Gary Dourdan
Nick Stokes: George Eads
Captain Jim Brass: Paul Guilfoyle
Greg Sanders: Eric Szmanda
Dr. Robbins: Robert David Hall
Hodges: Wallace Langham

David Phillips: David Berman
Archie Johnson: Archie Kao
Wendy Simms: Liz Vassey

Mandy Webster: Sheeri Rappaport
Henry Andrews: Jon Wellner
Officer Mitchell: Larry Mitchell
Office Choi: Colin Kim
Evelyn Polychronopolous: Chloe Webb
Kyle Planck: Karl Makinen
Officer Casella: Sam Witwer
I.A. Officer Galvez: Jose Pablo Cantillo
Margo Delphi: Christine Lakin
Logan Martin: Joe Howard
Dave Bohr: Don Swayze
Cell Phone Dude: Jeremy Cohenour

TELEPLAY BY: Douglas Petrie and David Rambo
STORY BY: Carol Mendelsohn, one of the series' executive producers, and David Rambo
DIRECTED BY: Chris Leitch

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CSIFiles: Las Vegas Explores 'The Theory Of Everything'
Also a man who is drunk and being interrogated by Nick and Brass tries to escape and is pepper sprayed. Officers then taser him and he bursts into flames.

Nick and Brass are having a bit of bad luck lately with suspects getting away, aren't they? :lol:
As long as Nick doesn't have to do anymore running.

This should be a fun episode.....I know Hodges is in the field but what about Mandy or Archie?
LOL, yes, poor Nick and Brass. They always seem to find trouble whenever they are together. Maybe it's trouble that finds them...either way, this seems like it's going to be an interesting episode. Green blood? I guess what better place then in Vegas with Area 51 nearby and all them ufo and alien chasers. (but then, it could be some odd genetic quirk)

As for Hodges in the field? Again I say wtf? I really enjoy his scenes, seeing he's my fave, and in my own opinion, I love when he sports the vest, but what is he doing outside the safety and cleanliness of the Crime Lab? I didn't think he liked the field according to past comments in past episodes. LOL, I'm sure he'll have a few interesting things to say once again about being out in the field. And who else better to share in the conversation then Catherine.

Great to see Mandy and Henry once again as well

Over all, I'm looking forward to Thrusday's show.
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I'm looking forward to seeing this episode. We're getting to see Mandy and all of the other great lab techs, which is great. The plot sounds like in a way to "Leapin' Lizards" but it does have its differences.
Thanks for the promo, Alex. :)

This should be an interesting ep...green blood popping up. And it looks like everyone is confused but starting to realize that it's not so strange out there anymore. :lol:
aw, adam and jamie arent listed in the guest stars :( they must have teeny parts. is it bad they are what im looking forward to the most? :lol: from the snippet i saw they must be helping nick with the guy bursting into flames bit.
DJRider, Hodges don't like in the field, that what Wallace said in the interview here on this board, I don't know how to get it here for you to read it, he is said, 'HOdges is not happy going out in the field, he like to stay in the lab where it safe and cleaniness. I guess Catherine need him with her when she work on the case.

I can't wait to see this epsiode. Poor Nick and Brass can't stay out of trouble or the trouble find them. The reason why I can't wait to see this episode because of Don Swayze (Patrick's baby brother.)
well, i expect the mythbusters are only in one scene, but i am with Allmaple, i am looking forward to them the most :lol: The case looks good too!
Why are poor Mandy and Henry always put in guest cast and not recurring? I mean they are recurring characters even if their parts are smaller.
I think the reason Hodges is in the field is that Catherine needed his special sense of smell.
Also I read there is a scene between Greg and Brass when they discover green blood oozing from a victim, they share a WTF look. This ep sounds like it will be fun and interesting.
Okay....I just saw the scene with Jamie and Adam (MythBusters) and, well.....I don't get it.

What was the point?