The Student Thread

^^^ try thinking of something you really like and then see if you can do anything with.

it's so weird i've loved History since i can remember and the way i got into Art History is like totally weird: i was at the mall one night and i found Westlife on the cover of Top of The Pops and bought it. i remember there were like 2 pages of ringtones that were songs and just downloaded all the songs. after that i became a huge Brit-Pop fan and always wanted to go to England (still do by the way). after that i really wanted to study European History and then that somehow turned into Art History with a concentration on Italian Renaissance Art.

inspiration can come from anywhere. just think of a subject, and activity or a hobby and see if you can make a career out of it somehow.
*decides to just jump in*
I'm a very stressed, can-never-find-the-time-to-get-anything-done, Behavioral Science Major. Second year. I'll be graduating from this college in may and transferring for my last two years. I always wish that life would miraculously become less stressful after school but after watching others I'm realizing that won't be likely.
I got a 60 on my last speech...I have NO clue how that happened. On the critique there wasn't ONE bad comment. It said stuff like, good citation! Good topic! Blah blah!

I hate it when I pour out all my effort on something and the end result is crap. The speech was a little short, but compared to some others' speeches...erm....

Listening to Jack Johnson helps make it better. For the time being. Argh.

I registered for next semester though. I'm excited because I finally get to take chemistry. I haven't had it since 11th grade. Call me a nerd, but I really like it.
I'm at Leeds Trinity and All Saints College (offshoot of Leeds Uni, which is where I'll get my degree from in the end) in the UK studying Forensic Psychology. I originally wanted to do Forensic Science (a geek I know lol) but failed Bio at A-Level :( But I love my course, I'm in my second year of three undergraduate. I then have to do a masters which hopefully a prison will pay for if I can get a job in one, plus a diploma, then I can practise by myslef WHOOP! Once all that's done I'm hoping to high-tail it across the pond to work in the US either within the police department or in a correctional facility somewhere, preferably New York or Vegas (my inner geek coming out again hehe)

The only downside to my course is bloody Research Design, which is compulsory in all years, and you have to pass it to progress to the next year. Thankfully there's no exam in it this year...

So I think that I may have found a major: Accounting.
I figure that there's no shortage of need for people with Accounting degrees and you can get into a whole bunch of other stuff by having one. And I like numbers. Oh, and counting. :p I love counting.

However, I have absolutely no classes dealing with Accounting next semester. So far I've got: English Composition 2, American History Before the Civil War, Biology Lecture, Biology Lab, Sociology, and Intro to Criminal Justice ;). But I think I'm going to switch the Bio to Chemistry because the Lab times conflict with my schedule. And I wanna blow some stuff up (Kidding!) :lol:
Maybe I'll go and talk to my guidence counselor again and see what we can work out...
I love blowing stuff up (in a controlled environment of course), although, last time I blew something up, it was accidental. I tipped something down the sink in Chem (I think it was sodium chloride... what ever it was, it reacted violently with water) and it exploded all over me. I had lots and lots of little burns all over my hands, arms and face for weeks :(
That may be why I failed Chem after three months lol

I'm a high school student taking honors classes. Actually I'm a Freshman. I'm taking Honors Geometry, Pre AP History/English (actually everyone has to take that in honors), Pre AP Biology *dies a slow painful death*, Honors Digital Art, and French 1. Honestly, I'm not trying to show off. It's hard. I just got out of exam week. I only survived on the fact that I didn't have a Geometry exam and so I had Friday off. History was brutal and still is. I have a block of it first thing Monday-Thursday. I am actually glad of that though. I also may want to take Spanish as well as French. I want to go into the Air Force Academy so I actually have a reason for the schedule. I swear it's not because I'm suicidal because I'm NOT. Coldplay concert tomorrow though so I guess things are looking up ;)
Choosing classes for Spring shouldn't be stressful...but after a bout of semi bad news from the adviser last week it has turned out to be.

Rewind to last week when I met with the head of the English dept. and she tells me that I should have been placed in the Shakespeare class this semester, much to my chagrin as this class is only offered every two years. Seem Admissions decided that as a transfer student I should have a general adviser, though I clearly marked I had chosen a major and minor. Apparently I'm not the only one this has happened to; plus they never divided out the transfer classes just lumped them together. Needless to say my adviser is not too happy with that office right now.

So thus I'm having issues figuring what classes to even venture into reading descriptions, besides the English classes.

Anyone else having issues picking classes for next semester/term?
Anyone else having issues picking classes for next semester/term?

Lets not go there! lol

AH I am having my school exams this week. Already done 2 English and Maori (NZ second language) and today I have my media Studies exam!!! I am so nervous for this one!!!
Anyone else having issues picking classes for next semester/term?

i never have to pick classes again :lol: i think there may be some electives when it comes to the clinical term, but the in class stuff is all set up for me. i had a lot of trouble in undergrad with scheduling conflicts and classes i wanted to take filling up before i was allowed to pick courses.

my first exam is two weeks from friday. im ready for it all to be done with! all my professors have gone through the material very quickly, so now they have super slowed down to use up the classes they really dont need. we could have had exams at least a week earlier.

im also kind of burning out because im not used to 4 month semesters. in undergrad it was 3 months. that extra month is making a big difference, i was ready to be done two weeks ago :lol:
I'm a Criminology w/ a concentration in Law Enforcement major at Eastern Michigan University. I WAS a Nursing (BSN) major but unfortunately lost my love of nursing during a lot of difficulties with Nursing school and stuff...I'm EXCITED to be a Criminology major and am looking forward to serving the community, and eventually becoming a Crime Scene Investigator/Technician :)

Good luck to everyone!!
Hey all I have a Vector calculus test coming up in about 4 weeks time but atleast it's open book! Still quite worried about it though.
I'm quite excited to see the amount of students on the boards it's nice to know there's alot of us going through the same types of things :)
^ ^ Good luck! I find open book harder- i know i am a total backwards person, it's because I don't study for open book exams i guess!

I've had 2 of my 3 exams (i still don't think i should have them on placement year, they're just work ones, not uni). 1 more next week, then no more til i'm back at uni :)
Is Vector Calculus math? (YES I'm blonde...I'm sorry I'm stupid! LOL) I HATE math....I actually was diagnosed with a math disorder called Dyscalculia about 2 years ago...devistating really, but at least now we know why I had horrible issues with math for my entire life....Anyways, math makes me wanna puke and cry all at once...I HATE it....Oh well.....Part of life ;p

I have a meeting with my advisor to register for classes for Spring semester on Wednesday. I'm VERY excited.
^ What classes do you want to do?

I've decided that the US whole school/college system is so much better than the UK...