The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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to some members in my class: someone needs to tell you that yes, there is such a thing as a stupid question. if it is not relevant to the lecture or helps you understand the material keep your mouth shut and ask the prof on your own time!

to country: why do you get to charge me 50% of the price of my camera to bring it into the country?? your import tax is a load of crap anyway, i am not going to sell it and i am taking it back with me when i finally get off this rock. the students bring in so much income to your country, where do you get off ripping us off with all your ridiculous taxes?!?
If you don't know the difference between the LEFT turn lane and the regular lane YOU SHOULD NOT DRIVE also if you are impatient behind someone DO NOT CUT ME OFF OR I WILL HIT YOU WITH MY CAR AND MAKE SURE YOU SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can one human being...just ONE...possess all the traits of every other annoying person in the universe and then sit behind me at a folk show?? :wtf: You talked during the show, talked LOUDLY during the show, laughed at inappropriate times, loudly slurped your drink, shook your cup full of ice when the drink was gone, played on your cell phone, and shouted out stupid things in response to the artist's banter.

Idiot. Seriously. If you didn't come to hear the music, why didn't you just stay home and put a CD on and talk loudly, slurp drinks, rattle ice, laugh, play on your cell phone, and shout out stupid things in your own house??!
To my goddam job:

Give me my Fucking CELL PHONE! I can't do my job without it!

/as an aside, it's unproffessional people like you who hide in your office with the door locked and act put out when someone askes you to do your damn job that's the reason why get annoyed and have a tendency to seek solace in a bottle of Grand Marnier.
To you, stupid, stupid woman. When I asked you how you are today, you said you weren't too good...had to sit in traffic for 30 minutes because of an accident. was SUCH an inconvenience for you to have to wait while they cut that 78 year old man out of his car and put him on a helicopter to the hospital??!! :wtf: I think your day could have been a LOT worse. You could have been him.

I don't like you very much. I prefer the guy who, every time I ask HIM how he is, says, "Better than I deserve!" And I like the old man who, every time I say, "Have a great day!" says, "You have a better one!"

One last the big jerk at the office. Here's a clue....when your employees are working overtime, YOU should not take an afternoon off! And you wonder why we don't respect you. :rolleyes:
To a certain someone (again):

When you're not the only one in the house, please for the love of all that is holy, shut the frickin' bathroom door when you take a pee! A) I have to walk down the hallway right by the bathroom to get into my bedroom and I don't want to see anything. :lol: and B) I certainly don't want to hear you peeing!


To the ants constantly invading all over the counter whenever there is a rainstorm: find some other place to hide! I will find out where you're getting in at and I will put a stop to it! Trust me on that!
To the b**** who hurt so many people:

Ever come near D or S, and you'll have me to deal with. That's all.
To my oh so charming work:

Please, Please PLEASE do not give my PERSONAL cell number out to anyone, including DCS case managers. I try to keep that number private for a reason. If one of my clients gets that number and calls me, swear to GOD I will not be responsible for what I do.

BTW, to the child welfare system:

You SUCK! Nothing more needs to be said or the there will be an egregious overuse of the :censored: smiley.

No love,

To my university

I know that I am supposed to work with 4 others in a group at the moment. But they are ignorant, stupid and annoying. They don't know how to show respect and keep on ignoring me. Instead of talking to me and try to solve it, they act like kids. I have no idea how many times they have contacted the management (who are responsible for the education and our study courses) and complained because they simply dislike me and don't want to work with me. Well, to be honest, I don't want to work with stupid, ignorant people either. But yet, everyone blames me and think it's all my fault. Hello, we are a group with 5 members. Why do you only blame me? I am not the only one, as we are 5. We are supposed to work together. So why only blame me? Today, one of our lecturer told me that I am apparently quitting my studies. So I am not allowed to take part in any lectures, or even take the exam next week.

Once again, what the **** are you doing? You can't take it for granted that I am going to quit just because I have problems with my group. And you ignore the fact that I have to sign some papers and make it completely offical before I can quit my studies. I haven't signed any of these papers yet. So your bullshit is not even legal. I am still a student, legally. So treat me like a student and no ex-student.

If you continue, I have to contact a lawyer. You can't expel me from education for no reason. If you think the problems with my group is a valid reason to expel me, why don't you treat the rest exactly the same? I mean, I hate that you only blame me. It's not only my fault. And I can't see what I did wrong, compared to the others. What did they do right, and what did I do wrong?

You have now crossed a line. I am not happy. As a matter of fact, I am really mad, upset and frustrated.
To my stomach,

Why must you give me so many problems. I'm afraid to eat because I get upset every time I eat. Can't you act normal for at least a day, so I can enjoy a meal without getting sick? This is the second week that I've gotten sick every time I've eaten and I've had enough. The doctor said he couldn't find anything wrong, so would you cooperate for a chance.

to ticketmaster:

why cant you put on your site that safari wont work? why can i get halfway through the process making me think i will get tickets and that it is just my island internet being slow? it was only 10 minutes after tickets went on sale that i tried firefox just in case safari wasnt working and everything was sold out! and why do the resellers have over 1000 tickets between them that they are selling for 2-10x the price????
To Sam- you won't ever get him, he won't leave me for you, and he actually doesn't like you and I think you're an idiot and i'm glad the dad kept the kids, you don't look after them anyway.

To next door neighbour- what an idiot all the work with the RSPCA we did and you nearly blew, if you break in i'll tell the police it was you who did it I got the picture to prove it and I won't think twice about it
To (some) parents of young children who frequent my workplace:

Could you PLEASE try to make a little more of an effort to keep your kids' mess to a minimum? I get it, they're kids, and they make messes, especially when food is involved. But I hate having to spend forever and a backache sweeping up goldfish crackers and pieces of rosemary chicken AFTER I've been cut (meaning that I have no more tables, so no more tip money) and am only making $2.13 per hour. Maybe consider those bibs that have the big pouch at the bottom to collect food that doesn't complete the journey? I saw a kid wearing one of those a few days ago and I wanted to cry and thank the parents a thousand times for their consideration.

Honestly, spilled drinks are easier to clean up than rosemary chicken, inch-long spaghetti noodles, and cracker crumbs. The kids' cups have lids, and they don't hold that much to begin with. I would gladly bring you a new cup of apple juice every 5 minutes after your kid spilled each one if it meant that there wouldn't be a tornado aftermath of crumbs to sweep later.

Also, if you ask me for more napkins, I promise you, I will deliver them ASAP. It's not a nuisance to bring them to you! It's a godsend, because it might mean that I don't have to deal with the aftermath of World War III once you leave!
How come, applying for a job online is like banging your head against the wall??

WHY oh WHY can't it be like the good ol' days of paper?

This new system of uploading, downloading, scanning, uploading again is for the birds!

Perhaps I am too old, but whatever the issue is, I'm fed up, FED UP I tell you!!!
To Dad- Are you that uncaring about your kids that you won't listen when two of your kids, One of them being me... say that they are sick.And then you force go out in the rain to pick up the other one, when you are not sick and clearly able to do it? When i told you i didn't want to go out there, it wasn't me being lazy or disrespectful, it is me trying to stop myself from getting worse. And another thing... I get it... I am fat..and have excess stuff... no need to have you point that out. it only makes me feel like skizz.

To the Roof-
Stop leaking... thank you!.

Dear Nose- Stop running LOL
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