The Rant and I Cannot Say This Out Loud #3

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To my math professor,
I understand we have to take midterms and test and things that is not my problem. Going through a powerpoint lecture from an online class is not teaching and in case you haven't noticed a lot of us don't understand this stuff! Maybe if you weren't distracted taking about Football games half of the class the rest of us could learn something useful instead of who won a stupid football game. :scream:

Dear Dad,
I love you dad, but why do you only decide to call me when I'm away at college. Four years ago you didn't even try to talk to me and my little sister you only cared about your new wife and her kids. You always took them over us and now you say you care, but why didn't you try back when I was younger and when it actually mattered to me.
Dear film production and distribution company:

You already know who you are, you bastards. I have been wasting my time and money, just to travel to your city twice. As you wanted to use one of my rats in a current movie production. As it's a horror movie and the rat is supposed to frighten one of the main characters.

But both days (today and yesterday) you told me at the last moment, that you would not have enough time for making these scenes. So you expect me and my rat to come back tomorrow. But why should we even come back when you completely ignore us? I don't have all the time in the world to travel to a city quite far away, and return back home 10 minutes later.

You promised me that you would use the rat today. You didn't keep that promise, so I am very angry. But you say that I shouldn't be mad, and that you will pay the cost of travel. I don't care anymore. I just hope you will treat others better.

Thank you and goodbye. You have to find someone else as I am not going back tomorrow, or any other day.
Dear K_______,

Ok, ok, ok, so you know about my feelings for J_______, that's fine, and so is a little gentle teasing, however, the whole comments about the christmas dinner, well that went a little beyond gentle... I mean I deal with the playful banter, but when you just keep going on and on and on, it starts to get annoying... So please, cut it down a little. Also, stop going on about how he doesn't like you and how he's such an annoying arguementative person, you told me what the "domestic" was about, and to be perfectly honest, I don't see why he's in the wrong, you took what he said and totally blew it out of proportion, he was just being himself, seemingly you can't deal with that, he was just teasing you, much like you tease me, so dear, get over it... I think you apologise to him, although I don't think that's likely to happen. Oh, and FYI, he doesn't dislike you, he told me so...

(a somewhat annoyed) Stephanie.

Dearest J________,

Sorry for being such a pain in the ass, she was just annoying me sooo much that I needed to have a rant, and well, seeing as you're one of my best friends, and the first person who I came across, that rant was laid upon you... My apologies for that, I'm sure it wasn't much fun to listen to... Thanks also for your reassurance... However, I was a wee bit annoyed that when everyone else came down you practically pretended I wasn't there... Not cool my dear... Hopefully tomorrow you'll be back to normality with me, you seem to have been a little off with me lately, and well, I'd love to know why, I'm a little worried about you...

(a somewhat concerned) Steph xxx
To my maths teacher:
I don't like the way in which you show favourtism to certain people in our class. This annoys the hell out of me. It is also not my fault if i cannot do hard maths questions because i am different from the others in the class, i need things to be explained in full detail, not just plonked down in front of me , with the expectation that I will do it, because i won't , instead i will boycott the work and walk out of the classroom!
Many regards,
An annoyed student
To the rain,

Stop it!

I feel like I need to start lining up animals two by two or something. It's been a whole week at least, and you haven't let up on bit. We're waterlogged enough. There's been enough rain to bring out the color in the trees, the plants' root systems are all nice and watered for the upcoming winter, and we're in danger of floating away. Your job is done for several weeks, thank you very much.

I'd really like to see the sun again before my 34th birthday,

To snow,

Dang it its still OCTOBER!!!!!!! :scream::scream: Stop snowing already I have to put up with it for how many months!!!!! I don't want to deal with it yet! It's way too early for it you understand go away snow! Or at least don't be the wet sticky type of snow that instantly soaks through your shirt/pants! I've had to walk through you all day to go to classes! Enough is enough sheesh! :scream:
I FREAKIN' THREW UP IN MY SOUP BOWL! Would be nice if you guys could CARE A BIT! BUT NO, YOU'RE TOO FREAKIN' BUSY DISCUSSING HOW GREAT MY SISTER IS!!! Come ON! What is the thing she got, and I don't? Forgetting that I speak NINE FREAKIN' LANGUAGES, and she barely speaks two?!?!?!? Forgetting that her grades is 3+ and mine is A FREAKIN' SIX EVERYTIME! Forgetting that she is UGLY and sometimes a complete retard who thinks like a five-year old?! FORGETTING THAT I'M FREAKIN' POPULAR AT SCHOOL, I HAVE AWESOME GRADES, I AM GOOD-LOOKING AND ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And you call me stupid... ? What am I supposed to do? :(
I haven't been on here for a few days, wow! :lol:

Anyways, concerning my rant last week, not sure when, I'm not as much angry as sad now about it :( It sucks that he has stopped acting and wishes to live life as a normal person. But it's his decision and I wish him the best of luck! :D

I just hope one day he'll be on the small screen again, a series regular. He looks too good and just his friends and family being the only ones to see him is totally unfair! :(

*makes plan to go to SoConn, anyone want to join??* Just meet me at the train station where 128 and the Mass Pike meets ;)
To may cable company:

At 9:17 last night we loose cable (and Internet!). They come back sometime after 11. A lot of good that did me. CSI was long gone and over and I was sound asleep. Twice today now you have called this house and basically refused to talk to me because I'm not the one who actually pays your bills. Since I know for a fact that she payed your bill back on Tuesday, I know it can't be that. If you just want to explain how or why we lost cable last night just let me give her the message. Don't just hang up when I tell you she's not here.
Dear K________ and L_____,

Can you guys please get over your dislike of J_______? It's really starting to get old... I mean come on, just cause the place was messy 4 hours after he'd gone home doesn't mean that he didn't do his work, that room had been in use since he went home after all... Besides, it's not like it's any of your business how much work he did, it's not like either of you are his boss, or have do the things he didn't do is it? :rolleyes: Get over yourselves... You in particular L_____! I mean, you're 29 years old, what's with the "Oh, it was J________ was it? That's it, he's a lazy arse, I'm ringing the supervisor to tell them he hasn't been doing his work?!" What's it to you? You can't just go running to the supervisor making up crap about people just because you don't like them... Grow up! As for you K_________, well I thought you'd got over the whole slagging him off stage... Clearly not! Wise up! He's a lovely guy, which you'd both know if you took the time to try and get to know him. As for your whole rant about him, well it seems obvious that I'm going to stick up for him, he's my best friend, I'm not going to stand by and let you slag him off for something that he didn't even do! Get over yourself... You both need a hobby... Leave the poor guy alone!

(a very angry and upset) Stephanie.
Dearest myself,
Even if you think that your youtube vid will be stupid, go ahead and make one dammit!
P.S: make it because you want to
^ Sounds like you're in the same situation I'm in. It's been raining off and on here for three or four weeks.

Yep. And what's so awful is that it's been SO wet here all summer (what summer, it barey broke 90 twice) long that all the lakes and rivers are so swollen and the ground so saturated that there's nowhere for the water to go, so chances are we're going to get floods for the third year in a row.
To my school's registration system -

The way that we are to go about registering for spring classes is wrong. We were told that the more 100 level courses (or above) we had completed meant that we would have priority registation. I have taken 17 such classes, while M has taken only 1. Yet he and I both have registration on the same day, on the fourth day of said registration? I can't wait until Thursday to register for my classes because they are specific courses with only a few spots available! You would think that people who have taken and passed more difficult classes, or are members of the Honor's program, would be able to have their first pick of the courses that are associated with their major. It's a little more important for an accounting major to get into the Acct. 202 class instead of someone who is just taking the class to get a grade.

To D:

I told you that I would not be able to work Nov. 12-15 because I would be out of town. You still scheduled me on those days. Guess what, I already discussed it with J and I'm not coming to work. So have fun trying to find someone to fill in now, especially since myself, my sister, and Mike (your 3 go-to workers) are all going to be gone. :p
dear parents. just fuck off would you and leave me the hell alone. christ, i'm 33 and you treat me like i'm 5, which makes me feel like i'm 5. just stop fucking bugging me.
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