The Last Movie You Saw - Thread 4

MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY OMG Tyler Perry is a genius portraying this crazy, over-the-top matriarch Madea, and her lame brain brother too, It's sad at times, the squabbling within the famly, but Madea is hysterical. I went with some friends and we all couldn't stop laughing at her :guffaw:
Bride Of Chucky

Killer dolls go on honeymoon and wreck havoc in the process and i love Chucky's laugh and it doesnt scare me at all as i love gore movies and have some of the goreiest films in my collection
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The Crow

I think I've watched this film about a hundred times, not joking, I never get tired of it. Another example of a great actor who left us too soon! I hear that they're making a remake or planning on it ... I think I'll have to sit this remake out, I know they're going to screw it up.
Thor. It wasn't bad- the Asgard stuff was pretty cool from an effects perspective. All the performances were fine, even though the tendancy with these Scandanavian legendary types is to make them sort of of pithy. The dialogue, then, was similarly not quite up to say "Iron Man" standards, but it was OK.

Overall it was just a fun romp for fans of superhero stuff. :)
Last movie I saw was Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning theif. I wasn't expecting much from the movie but darn was i surprised at how good it was. His "protector", the black guy was pretty darn funny. He worked very well as the comic relief
I saw Fast Five and Bridesmaids. Both were good, but Bridesmaids in particular almost made me wet my pants a few times. It's like a chick flick made for chicks who hate chick flicks- like me! Man, it was hysterical. My friend and I were both sore from laughing after the movie. :lol:
Little Fockers - It was an okay movie, good enough for one viewing. Had a few chuckles in it... but I hit ffwd a couple of times LOL. One thing that bugged the heck out of me was the casting choices for Greg and Pam's "twins". They were supposed to be turning five a few weeks from the start of the film. And while the boy looked the right age, the girl looked at least a couple years older than the character she was playing was supposed to be.