The Last Movie You Saw - Thread 4

Tonight or Never- Gloria Swanson movie from 1931. i had this downloaded since last year and now just finally got around to it. i basically got it to see the Chanel dresses Gloria Swanson wears and they are gorgeous. the movie wasn't very long it was a bit of a silly plot. this could be seen as a bit controversial for the time, she's an opera singer who is looking for love so she can sing with passion. since i can't give the plot away look the movie up it's interesting.
Finally watched "The Expendables". And it was pretty disappointing.

Even my love of all things Jet Li and Jason Statham could not save this film. Even Jet Li fighting Dolph Lundgren could not save this film. The dialogue was pathetic and the storyline was incredibly weak, even for an action flick. Aside from watching Statham's wicked moves, and the cool folks involved- Austin, Couture, Bruce W, etc- I was mostly just bored. It's too bad too because usually when I go into a film with low expectations, I'm usually pleasantly surprised. Not this time, unfortunately.
Just watched Surrogates with Bruce and the new Karate Kid movie. Both were decent actually.

Mostly I am just blown away by the fighting moves on these 12 year olds in the tournament in The Karate Kid! Man! And I was already wary about turning my back on kids! :eek:
Let Me In- this was alright. i kinda didn't know what movie i was seeing i got it confused with another movie that i can't think. Chloe Grace Mortez is amazing in anything she does she has such a bright future in acting as she gets older. the storyline was ok. it was nice to see a vampire movie that wasn't Twilight and all silly and romantic. my friends have been telling me the original European version Let The Right One In" is so much better... i will have to try and find it sometime.
I'd be interested to see this version, since from the commercials they make it look more action/paced, and the original is very melancholy and grim. I liked the original, but didn't think it was amazing as everyone else... but I'm not the type to think a film is better because it's "European" like many do. Take The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I honestly don't know what the big deal is- there was honestly nothing new in that film. The only part of european cinema that is sometimes more realistic to me is the pacing- usually more slow paced and true to life.

Not that I'm slamming european films by any means- just tired of the old "European cinema is superior" attitude... and I have no idea why I got onto that topic! :lol: OK, I'm leaving now. :p
I watched The Hurt Locker and Feild Of Dreams over the weekend, both of them were amazing!!!!!!!!!

The Hurt Locker- I cried through about half of the scenes, I thought it was brilliant because of the whole message. I can see why it's a winning movie.

Feild of Dreams- I have no clue why I waited so long to see it, i loved it!! It's a great classic and it really makes me wonder what happened to baseball, such an amazing sport and this movie really shows it. It's also one of those movies that made me cry at the end just like The Hurt Locker, except this one was more sweet than sad
I'm far too in love with the original foreign film, Let The Right One In, to see Let Me In..

The Social Network
I absolutely loved it. Apart from the movie itself, I loved the variety in the audience. There was everybody from the age of 11 to 70, it's very rare that a film would attract such an age demographic, it was great :p

The film was outstanding. I'd seen the trailer for it and thought it looked awful! I thought it looked like the most boring thing ever, but I somehow went to it (my mother guilted me into it) and couldn't believe how well put together it was. It's a far exaggeration from the real Mark Zuckerberg, but all the events are there and the entire film was put together so well.
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake.

At first I couldn't believe that David Fincher would be involved in a movie such as this, but after seeing it, it was definitely Fincher's style. I was completely impressed. (David Fincher is the guy who directed such films as Fight Club, Zodiac, Se7en, etc.)

9/10. Well deserved.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
I love this movie so much that I won't even begin to review it, cause I will go on forever and ever.
tl'dr version: This is possibly one of the best films I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I first saw it in '06 and fell in love with it. If you ever get the chance to see this, don't pass it up.
Stars: Kate Winslet, Jim Carrey, Elijah Wood.

Hard Rock Zombies - This movie was done in 1984, so I expected it to be cheesy. The whole thing almost felt like a two hour long music video ala Thriller. :lol: It was pretty goofy. I did like the song the lead singer of the band wrote for the girl he liked though, it was a pretty song.
Dark House - As far as horror movies/slashers go, this wasn't bad in that respect, but
I was a bit annoyed that the ending was kind of lame. I mean one survivor... this is a newer horror movie. I thought we got out of the whole only the lead girl survives thing years ago. :lol:
The Social Network: Not quite as mind-blowing as I was expecting, but still very good. Good performances all round, but I have to say the guy who played the Winklevoss twins was the real stand out performance.

An interesting story, and although we can't really take that as a true representation of Zuckerberg due to his lack of input on the film, it was still revelatory in some aspects. I mean, I think everyone else contributed at least, so the "other sides" at least were interesting to see.
i wanted to get in the halloween mood (its not really a big deal here in grenada) so have been searching out good scary movies to watch. last night i settled on Black Christmas the original 1974 version.

it was alright, a little slow though. more on the creepy side than truly scary. i liked margot kidders character. for being called a "slasher" movie it was not graphic at all, you dont see any of the murders happening.

i did think the ending was quite good though.
i really liked that you never found out who the killer was or what his motive was. from the phone calls you could kind of assume what he had done previously to "agnes" but nothing is clear cut so you draw your own conclusions. i think the way they handled this, and that the killer is still in the house when the cops leave, bumped up the creepy factor

im still on the hunt for a really good scary movie to watch around halloween if anyone has any suggestions :)
We watched Billy Elliot via Netflix. Very good movie, but I'm embarrassed to admit we needed an interpreter for a lot of it.
i wanted to get in the halloween mood (its not really a big deal here in grenada) so have been searching out good scary movies to watch. last night i settled on Black Christmas the original 1974 version.

What I really liked about this movie was the camera angles. They gave the movie a more creepy feel to it. The story itself was creepy at times, but like you said, kind of slow-paced, but then again most movies like that made back then feel that way to me lol.

im still on the hunt for a really good scary movie to watch around halloween if anyone has any suggestions :)

Dead Silence is pretty creepy, especially if those ventriliquist dolls creep you out. :lol: I had to watch it a second time cause my twelve year old cousin (or maybe he was thirteen, I can't remember) wanted to watch it, but didn't want to watch it alone. :lol: