The Last Movie You Saw - Thread 4

I saw a Korean film called 'Mother' this week. There were times I thought it was a bit slow, and setting up the story took longer than I expected, but at the end everything came together in a rather remarkable way and I now want to see it again!! In this film, the little details are more important than the viewer realizes. It's brilliant!
"DEEP COVER" amazing, from 1992. An action police thriller in the explosive style of the class "The French Connection", starring Laurence Fishburne, as an uncercover cop [great acting] who uses drug dealing attorney Jeff Goldblum to bring down a major drug supplier. Fishburne and Goldblum deliver dynamic performances in the "critically acclaimed" box office smash hit. Really intense, exciting and intriguing. If your a Laurence Fishburne fan you'll love him in this, if your not, then you will be after watching him in all his glory. His intense glare, with those exotic sexy eyes, is transfixing:eek:

Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky V
Rocky Balboa

I won't review them all, because it would take forever. I love the Rocky movies no matter what, I've seen them all like 20 times and they never get old, they all have such good life lessons. The fifth was the definite worst of the series (even Stallone recognizes this) but as bad as it is, it's a quintessential part of the series, and I don't mind it all that much. It's got one of the best life lessons of them all.

If you haven't seen these movies, you have to! :D
I just watched The Runaways, it was alright. Often, I've seen musical biopics portraying men (Walk The Line, Backbeat), women (What's Love Got To Do With It), teenage boys (The Jacksons :An American Dream, La Bamba), but never about teenage/underaged girls (except maybe Selena though she died at 23 years old) until now! It seems a little dead without the music. What I didn't need to see was that drummer jerking off in the shower, or fecal matter around that trailer. And worse, guys not bothering to use any gloves to pick up "debris" to throw at the band around the trailer. And why wasn't the other girl given any lines whatsoever to say??? Unless the real person is a mute. Still, they could've done more with this movie.

I don't really know the Runaways that well. I've just seen a few videos from them on YouTube (Saturday Night Special, which f--king rocks, Mama We're All Crazy Now, another cool song) years ago. Kristen played a convincing Joan, though, I would have love to know more about her (Joan), why she is the way she is. I'm not really big on Dakota, but she looked like a 1970s rock goddess as Cherie. Still, Cherie could've been portrayed by someone a little older. I do feel for Dakota's Cherie throughout the movie. The portrayal reminds me a little of me (concerned about her family, not-too-smart about the real world when hanging with the "wolves", like my former fresh-from-high-school a-hole co-workers were). And I would hate to think that Lita sounded too squeaky when she was young. Scout-Taylor Compton may have Lita's pissed-off expressions when portraying her. But damn girl, smoke a pack and lower your voice. Ugh!

The whole Joan/Lita feud was hardly strange to me. I've never heard about the Lita/Cherie drama until I saw bits of this movie at first. And some of the things I've read about the feuds. Crazy stuff like Lita kicking Cherie onstage, Lita's homophobia and hatred of Joan's "diving". Man, this was no Kittie nor Avril Lavinge s--t. This was real hardcore rock angst. Would I watch this again? Probably, mostly for the music. Ch-ch-ch-ch-cheerry booommmbb!! :devil:
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Rebecca- Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier (Sir). Um, I was a bit disappointed really. Taking for granted that they didn't really tell tortured love stories that well back in the day (or at least not convincingly enough for me, generally), I still found Larry's performance a little heavily 2 dimensional, considering his "celebrated actor" status. He was never very convincing in his love for "Mrs. De Winter", and I found it difficult to be sympathetic to his situation (unlike Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre" which this story very clearly ripped off).

Aside from the general appreciation of Hitchcock's usual style, I found this movie a little un-suspenseful despite attempts to be so, and overall pretty average. The best performances were actually by the supporting cast, in my opinion.
Why Did I Get Married, Too? Why did I waste my time, with this one, at least when Patricia got all Elin Nordegren Woods on that crib! All because Gavin rightfully asked for money from the divorce?? I know that Janet lost her brother (God rest his King Of Pop soul) and that she was to let it all out like that, but it would've been a spooky revelation if this was written before the whole Tiger Woods incident. Or if Elin already watched this and got that idea on how to settle Tiger's affairs once and for all. Ending was obviously rushed and written poorly. And the rest of it wasn't really bad, though, Tyler could've picked a more original angle from the Mike/Sheila/Troy triangle, instead of taking stuff from Soul Food. Hopefully, a sequel after this will continue and that crazy Pat gets committed or actually have a human emotion of guilt and sorrow over what she did in this disaster.
The Secret of Moonacre. A lovely little fantasy movie that I've never heard of before. Totally enjoyed it.
Seen a few films recently old and new:

Toy Story 3 - Simply brilliant i loved it so much and i actually thought they would end it at that part and i was crying and then it ended pretty perfectly and was sooo cute. Barbie and ken were perfection.

Inglorios B****** - 2nd time i've watched it as mates hadn't and i still enjoyed it but actually 2nd time round realised how long it was my mates were like wow long. It is good very typical tarantino and not sure my friends were convinced as to why i liked it so much. But purely brad pitts accent is enough and loved christoph waltz character come the end.

And at this point in time i have Moulin Rough on as i type... and god how much i love this film it perfect music, acting and its just amazing.
Legion- Eh... it was okay. The guy playing Dennis Quaid's son really looked like he could be related to him, so good casting on that part. But this movie was a bit predictable lol.
Roberta- Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' third movie together. i've seen this before but i decieded to watch it again last night. Ginger Rogers is a riot in this movie her character is American but she's acting like a countess for her singing act and her accent is hilarious. my favorite part of the movie is when she keeps getting pushed onto a couch by Randolph Scott's character.

Roxie Hart- ok so i've been in a Ginger Rogers mood. love this movie i can watch this over and over again and laugh like an idiot.
Last night we watched "Waitress" with Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion. It was pretty good, but I was surprised that Netflix labels it a "comedy." I guess it was funny in a warped kind of way.

Tonight we watched "Doubt" with Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams. It was pretty good too, but I would've liked a better ending.