The "I need help with this specific game" Thread

WolfeSanders said:
Hi there. I just got the CSI: Miami PC game and I am already stuck on the first case. I have collected the stomach matter from near the bridge but I asked my friend for help and he said that there is something like plastic bits under the matter that you have to collect too. I can't collect those bits and I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I would really appreciate it.
I don't know if someone has already answered this or not, if they have, sorry. You need to go back to where you found the stomach matter, which is near the bridge, it will be a tiny thing so look carefully, its rather at the top
Hey. If anyone needs any help on any of the three csi pc games PM me and i will get you the answer within a day or so.I have The first one Dark Motives and Miami and have completed all three.
Crysthala said:
mcrlover89 said:
Ok I'm playing CSI:Dark Motives, I'm on the first case, and everytime I try and ask the mechanic why her fingerprints are on the tool, the question doesn't show up. I have used multiple walk-throughs to make sure I have all the evidence and whatnot, and I do. I don't think my game is bugged because a lot of people have this problem as well....Help!

You may be missing out a part at the crash site if you have a look round just to the left of where the bike lands there is a part you can click if you have a look it tells you that the area has been cleaned this should give you help getting into the trailer where you get more clues. After you ask a couple of questions.
jeb34 said:
I'm in the same situation and I did what you said. I still can't ask Leslie any more questions. In the interrogation room, she just sits there, no questions. At least David says he doesn't have anything for you. Please help.
I have the same problem. I've matched the tool marks from the spring to the tool found in Leslie's shop and her fingerprint was on it but it doesn't seem to be enough cos I can't ask her any questions about it.

Thanks for the link VManso. That's really helpful! :D
I really need some help on Dark Motives case 2, i know i have done everything right up to now, i have even done it all according to a walkthrough. I have the patch installed also. Im up to the bit where according to the walkthrough im suppost to go to Brass and get new locations, because right now i only have the digging site. I have done everything the walkthrough has told me to, and have replayed it several times. It's really annoying! Im starting to wonder if my game is faulty? Any tips?
I am playing CSI (the first one) I have searched the hotel room and talked to Jenny about the braclet. When Grissom says we should go visit Brass in his office is their a bage I am suppose to click on or something? I am stuck! Please help!
To get into Brass' office you need to click on the badge icon, which is inbetween the morgue and lab.

I think you'll be able to figure it out from this photo.
I think to get it from him, you need to use the swab tool and hold it up to his mouth, and do the same thing for his hair only with tweezers.
sorry, I actually am trying to get a swab and hair sample from Devon Rodgers. I have interrogated him and now I need to get a swab from him and a hair sample, but when I use neither one on him my evidence is not updated and I need to give Greg the swab and hair sample in the lab. What am I doing wrong? sorry again for double posting.
I have completed the four cases on the first CSI game and now I have completed the fifth and final case. I got 96%, I don't think I missed anything. I can't view the bonus through. what should I do?
I don't think it's actually possible to access the bonus in eith the first or second game. I think it's just something wrong with the game that they never fixed.
I'm finally able to play CSI Dark Motives and last night I spent about forty-minutes playing the first case, "Daredevil Disaster". I got to what I thought was the end of case, interviewed Leslie Handleman and David Mcladden, but when I wanted to interview Cory Muzotti, Brass said I didn't have a strong enough link between the victim and the suspect to interview him. Help, please? :)