The "I need help with this specific game" Thread

I need help with the Stabbing pain I know its not a game but that board isn't helping me! If anyone has a pic of the finished puzzle...HELP! I know its cheating but I'm going nuts. :rolleyes:
Edit: If you need a walkthrough or a message board you can to to Its always been a great help to me!
I've finished all of them over the weekend during christmas break, I got bored. But yeah I got stuck on a lot of things so when I needed help I looked at the walkthroughs you can find if you search google, and found stuff I missed.
Hi there. I just got the CSI: Miami PC game and I am already stuck on the first case. I have collected the stomach matter from near the bridge but I asked my friend for help and he said that there is something like plastic bits under the matter that you have to collect too. I can't collect those bits and I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I would really appreciate it.
ok i just bought the three games yesterday and i cant get past the first case on any of them, i cant find any more evidence no matter where i look and ive asked all the questions to cath/gil/calleigh im so stuck.
Try putting peices of evidence together. Such as the spring. If you aren't to that part yet....just cheat and go look on a Dark Motives Walkthrough :lol:
i had put that together and stuff but i hadnt zoomed in on it with the microscope and that was all that was holding me back.

now im stuck on case 3 in csi miami i have found the gun in the underwater dive site but it wont let me pick it up or zoom in on the duct tape on the barrel even though the glove changes to yellow when its over it, i started it again from the begining and it still wont let me pick it up its getting really frustrating.

ok nevemind it was because i wasnt using the flashlight
I loved playing the three games didnt have a problem with eny of them even when my triple pack dark motives 2 3 and 4 case was french (thanx to my french teacher). I am so proud because i never cheated it took me ages though to realise i had to put the spring together lol :lol:
I need help immedeately, I'm playing the first CSI game and on the case file I can't find the close button. Where is it. I need help now!
Do you mean close the game or the casefile. To close the case file try using the escape key. If you want to close the game click on main menu and you'll find a quti button.