"The Grave Shift" Discussion *SPOILERS*

I think it was pretty much the same as before. Laurence Fishburne was before Marg.

So far most of the characters are calling Langston "Ray" or "Professor".

Oh, Hodges. You really don't like Langston, do you?
Question tonight Nick was calling in on the radio something like 05Stokes and 08Langston. Anyone know the meaning. Is that the year they came on to CSI?
It can't be the year... Nick was well before 05, we know that... I dunno.

Nick and the fly. Ew, yet hilarious.
Hodges needs therapy, now.

Totally called Nick eating the fly, he was a frat boy once upon a time.
Greg, giving time to get out of the office thing, he is sooo going to blast music:lol:

Not a bad first day, he worked with evryone alright.
Well, it was a bittersweet episode.

It's funny how much they mentioned and referred to Grissom, yet Warrick is killed and pretty much nada.

Alright, I must start with this: Nick eating a fly? Ewwwwwwwwwww! That was just gross, however Grissom would've been proud.

Yes Nick, that was very classy of you to share the office. Hodges bringing in the fetal pig, that was cool, even though Grissom gave Catherine that pig a long time ago.

Yup, this episode cracked me up quite a few times. Hodges was great and I know that just killed him to say that Langston impressed him. Fitting to have a 'bomb maker' Greg in that scene.

Nick, Greg and Riley sharing the office? Boy, the writers could have quite a lot of fun with that. Whatta think, Greg and Riley will grate on Nick's nerves? :lol: I hope the writers don't let this pass them by.

As Langston is dissecting the trachea, I can just imagine Fishburne thinking, 'what the hell did I get myself into?' :lol:

I'm glad they showed them having lunch together, even if Nick was a little gross, but yeah I can see why it was Grissom's favorite place too. :wtf:

That's it for now.

Langston picking up the body...:guffaw:. Nick "here let me take that" :guffaw:

Wanted to smack Riley quite a few times in this episode.
When Langston said that the new guy pays, I was, like, "Gee, I wonder if Riley's thinking about how she didn't have to have that status for too long."

I liked the corn bomb, and Hodges somewhat begrudgingly saying that Langston impressed him.

The office thing is kind of cool. I liked the return of the fetal pig.
I thought Nick and Cath were sharing?

Ewwwww on the fly. Hey he should get together with Danny and Lindsay from NY lol. They both ate bugs in Fare Game.

Oooh what did George teach? (you can PM me if you like so we aren't hogging discussion space with OT stuff)

I thought that about the pig too about Grissom giving it to Cath. Liked Hodges putting it back.

Anyone else want to cry when Cath was looking around as they finished packing the office?
I enjoyed this episode. I liked seeing Langston making a mistake when he was doing the fingerprinting and then at the end practicing it.

Hodges was being a real jerk to Langston at first, but I liked how Langston went out of his way to try to impress him. Although a little part of me wishes it had been Greg who made the bomb, since his comment from last season about making bombs as a kid, at least he was there for the event and enjoying it.

I also liked that Langston saw even though he was trying to help the kid he thought was decent, people are not always what you think they are. I think he is learning that more and more after the DJK killer last week too.

I loved the breakfast scene and Nick eating the fly. That was eeww and yet funny.

Nick was very generous in sharing the office with Greg and Riley too, after seeing them doing their work in the breakroom. I can see some fun moments happening in that office now with those 3 personalities. Hodges bringing in the fetal pig was cute but I wondered how he got it too.

All in all, still the CSI I love to watch.
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I Pmed you, Mel. :)

About the episode:

Aww, Nick's so sweet to the new guy. :D

Ray's nervous with the powders. :lol:

"It's all in the wrist." :D

Brass: How's the first day of school going, Professor?
Ray: I'll tell you at recess. :lol:

They still haven't added Wendy and Superdave to the credits.

:lol: at Hodges and Ray. Hodges having to do everyone else's job. :lol:

Crispy Critter? :lol:

Power chord to nowhere. haha.

Greg thinks people are giving them the stink eye. :lol:

Nick finds a bug in his food. Greg: No wonder Grissom loved this place. :lol: Best line of the ep. And Nick actually eats the fly? Gross, Nicky! Loved the gang's reaction. "You didn't just do that." :lol:

Loved the experiment. And Hodges saying "okay now I'm impressed." :lol: I knew he was gonna say that.

Loved Nicky deciding to share the office with Greg and Riley. And Greg telling Nicky it was real classy of him. Greg: You can still change your mind. Riley: No he can't. I said I'd kill for an office and I meant it. Even a shared one. :lol:

Loved Hodges bringing in the fetal pig and saying it belonged there and Nick, Greg and Riley's reactions to that. :lol:

Loved the scene with Ray and Archie talking about the book.

About the fetal pig, maybe Griss had more than one.
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Oh I loved how in the gym, Brass was about to drink that energy drink until the one woman said something about diarrhea and he looked at it and set it back down. Oh how I love Brass. :lol:
What was with Nick looking back at Greg and Riley every couple of seconds while walking down the hallway with Ray?

Loved Nicky deciding to share the office with Greg and Riley. And Greg telling Nicky it was real classy of him. Greg: You can still change your mind. Riley: No he can't. I said I'd kill for an office and I meant it. Even a shared one. :lol:

You just answered your own question. :) He was noticing that they were having to do their work in the break room and thus decided to share the office.

I enjoyed this episode so much!!