The Fort for Nick/Greg Slash Fans #22

Yeah it was very nice to just have them two working it primarily. I only wish there had been a scene with the both of them interrogating a suspect. I would love to see that just once. I want Greg to play good cop and Nick bad cop. Heeehee!

The limo scene was funny when Greg asked about if you had to ask for the Zebra print seats or Carrot Top got lucky and Nick's smirk. His boy is always entertaining him. :lol:
What a great episode! A case with just the boys does not come along very often. I loved their interaction, the betting and teasing reminded me of how it used to be with Nick and Warrick. Also how it was when Greg was still in the lab.

And the best part - Nick called Greg baby!!
Just hiding out here after I made a comment about Nick being jealous of DVT in the upcoming episode thread "A Kiss Before Frying" on the CSI main page. Don't tell anyone you saw me..... <slinking behind the fort wall>
Well I for one will be glued to the television on that night. I'm a big Greg (and Nick) fan *cough, cough* and I'm going with the belief that Nick is trying to warn him off of DVT for purely personal reasons. <running off to The Fort>

I'm staying safely in The Fort on this one as well but I do agree with you. The green eyed monster aka Nick will definitely be out on this episode. I'm sure there will be a lot of 'discussions' going on at home about this. Nick may have 'reclaim' his territory :devil:
You better hide well. Some people can't stand the idea of Nick/Greg pairing. Although I like your idea. I can see some interesting fics coming out of this episode after it airs.

I for one do love the N&G pairing and it will be interesting to see the interaction between the two in this upcoming episode.

I'm watching the CSI marathon on USA network today and just saw the one where Greg is talking on the phone to his supposed girlfriend and Nick comes in all mad because he is goofing off. We all know that truly he was jealous and wanted to have Greg for himself back then. :lol:
Thanks for the support Dizzney and Jacquie. Only one little comment was made so I guess it's safe to come out from behind the wall now. But hey, if Nick's going to start calling Greg 'Baby' the 'ship' should be fair game IMO. :p
Seriously, calling him Baby was just too great. You know they tease us Nick/Greg fans with things like that. You know they do it on purpose to keep us eager and hoping that maybe someday (probably never) we get our wish.

Then they have so many scenes together this year, it has been great!
O_O Wow, it's been a long time. Seriously, over a year? Two years? I don't even know anymore. Life got out of hand a long time ago, guys. Been a long time since I've had time.

Other than coming here to say 'hi' to everyone new and all my old friends (Whom have probably forgotten I exist by now...) I came here to see what everyone thought of tonight's episode and to, you know...EXPLODE a little bit.

That girl? With Greg? They kissed? Oh, I was so angry...I honestly don't know what the writers are up to. And then the next scene he had was with Nick. I get us Love shippers are the last people they're trying to please (I wouldn't be shocked if they did it on purpose...) but...really?

I really couldn't believe they'd do that to Greg. Exotic dancer? And Greg is just someone I don't even KNOW anymore...I WANT GEEKY FIRST AND SECOND SEASON GREG BACK! *Cries*

Although, I couldn't help but smirk when Nick asked if he could lift the guy's shrit. All I could think was, "Of course you'd ask, Nicky. You're a very polite gay boy." It was just a random thought that went through my head...

I've become rather odd in the last few years. I got into the yaoi section of anime...Let's just say, you can never go back once you're there. XD Your mind is never clean again.

I just thought I'd explode a little.

Also, just wondering...Is anyone else wondering, at this point, what hole in the desert Sara burried Grissom in? He's been 'in France' for a long time now...

Sorry if my ranting seems really out of the blue and crazy. But it was kind of meant to be. I needed to vent.

Have a good day, all. Dunno when I'll be on next, or even if it'll be in the forseeable future. But it's good to see people are still hanging around and continuing the tradition of the fort. ^_^

What upset me even more than Greg kissing Ellen was the fact that Nick was pushing him towards her! I will NOT be writing a post ep for this one, and it will NEVER be mentioned in any of my stories or future post eps. To me, this episode did not happen!

Okay, rant done. :)
I have to ask. Have any of you read the fic series "Greg Sanders: Private Dick"? This latest episode really reminded me of it. Just replace the femme fatale with Nick and that sums up the fic. (Not exactly, but I'm simplifying.)

And who says the guys don't experiment? Just saying...
I have to ask. Have any of you read the fic series "Greg Sanders: Private Dick"? This latest episode really reminded me of it. Just replace the femme fatale with Nick and that sums up the fic. (Not exactly, but I'm simplifying.)

And who says the guys don't experiment? Just saying...

I'm pretty sure I've heard of the series, but I haven't read any of them.

I'm sure someone will come up with something for the guys with this episode, and I will read it. I just won't be doing anything with it because in my verse, the guys aren't the type to experiment. :cardie:
I have to ask. Have any of you read the fic series "Greg Sanders: Private Dick"? This latest episode really reminded me of it. Just replace the femme fatale with Nick and that sums up the fic. (Not exactly, but I'm simplifying.)

And who says the guys don't experiment? Just saying...
That's a good comparison fic, PC! You're right, in some ways tonight's ep did remind me of that.

I can see experimenting happening. :lol: As much as I love shipping Nick and Greg (heck I mostly write those fics only now), I still have to be happy to see Greg get a well deserved episode.
Not to worry, folks. This episode was AU! :guffaw:

*snort* I like your way of thinking. :B

I didn't actually see the episode tonight (what? Honest, it was by total accident!), but what I always liked about this corner of the fandom was the ability to fic away anything that doesn't work in the whole NG aspect. C: Sure, some might call it denial. I like calling it, er... dedication? c;

Totally wanting some fic over this episode and I'm not good enough to write my own (read: I've been working in original fiction and have no time otherwise) and still totally curious because I didn't watch it, have no real opinion of my own over it but oh man I am so interested in the reactions of everybody else because I really don't know if I want to watch it, but then it's Greg. And Greg doesn't need an explanation, really.

*cough* So, uhm... Anyway.

And who says the guys don't experiment? Just saying...

The hopeless romantic in me likes to think they wouldn't, but I do enjoy playing with the idea sometimes. I dunno, I think it could probably explain away a few of the other similar things within the series that, er, jeopardize the, um. Validity? of their relationship.


I donno, I always liked seasons three and four. c: Also one of my favorite times to fic about because idk I always liked the vibe they had going. (Does that make sense?) Both in the NG relationship and the season as a whole.

...It's possible that I've been writing essay exams all week and that's why my post is so out of it.
Isn't it possible that they broke up temporarily?

Here's how I interpreted it:

Both Nick and Greg are tired and have been through a rough year or two with Warrick's murder, Sara and Grissom's departures, and a few too many serial killers. With their shift short-handed likely only exacerbating the number of doubles they have to work, they're both probably a little stressed out and exhausted this season. Nick in particular, judging by the multiple references to how he needs to not work himself to death and get therapy. And, as evidenced in "Family Affair", there might be some work-related discord between the two. Nick has taken on additional responsibility at the Lab and, at least during "Family Affair", was a little condescending toward Greg. I feel like any number of those things could have contributed to a temporary break-up.

Then, in A Kiss Before Frying, Nick encourages Greg to date someone because Nick wants to help Greg get over Nick. For whatever reason, Nick feels like it's the right thing to do because he wants Greg to be happy. Instead, he realizes that he can't actually stand the idea of Greg dating someone else, so he uses Ellen's profession as an excuse to encourage Greg to end it with her. I still find it hard to believe, especially based on past events on the series, that Nick actually disapproves because of her profession. Doesn't it seem kind of ironic that she has almost the exact same profession that Catherine used to have? Which means that he has to be encouraging Greg to end it with her for another reason -- because Nick doesn't want Greg to date someone else.

Even the most together couples I know IRL have had break-ups. Sometimes, it just happens. The real test is whether they get back together. And, as far as I'm concerned, Nick and Greg definitely got back together.

I have to say that I actually really liked the episode.