The Fort for Nick/Greg Slash Fans #22

Here are a few caps from the latest episode, nice interaction between the guys also some funny moments and shared looks.

Absolutely love the screen caps. Nick and Greg have been haunting my dreams of late, including subtle little ways that should be in the show to prove that they are canon. I'd really love to see a shot of one of them on the steps to their house, and the other coming out and sitting next to them. No talking required, just being there. :D
Indeed it would. Just something simple that could be interpreted in any way that the viewer wishes, but pure gold for we shippers. Mind you, I've heard the rumours of what's ahead (see spoiler thread if interested), but it won't change my love for the ship.

Speaking of love, there is a music video I'd love to see online again. It was uploaded to What Makes The Desert Beautiful years back before it got hacked and there were music videos on there. It was done to Bawitdaba by Kid Rock, and in my opinion still remains one of the best CSI music videos. Anyone else remember it?
Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that particular episode, either. Depending on what happens in it, I'll probably just ignore it as far as my post-eps go.
Well I think next week's episode we should get a lot of Nick/Greg stuff by watching the new commercial for it. So at least we have that one to look forward too (although I am still looking forward to that other one just as a Greg fan).

But my fics (writing or reading them) will always keep The Love alive for me.

It would be nice for something simple that us shippers would get if they just tossed into one episode.
I just saw the promo myself, and it does look like we might get some good Nick/Greg moments. Definitely looking forward to it to see what I can come up with for a post ep. :)
As far as the other episode goes, I think I've gotten to the point where I just can't see either Nick or Greg with anyone else.
Even though I am a love fan I am looking forward to this Greg-centered episode, why? Because first and foremost I am a Greg fan, I look forward to him getting a story line and episode about him. Its been a long time coming. besides if we can get over Nick & Kristy then we can do the same with this.
I do plan to watch it, and I'll probably even enjoy it, since I enjoy pretty much all CSI episodes, especially if they heavily feature either Nick or Greg. I just may not be writing a post ep for it. If more happens on-screen than could be attributed to say flirting, I probably won't write a post-ep, and that episode won't be mentioned in any of my future post-eps. I just don't see Greg as the type who would cheat on Nick, not even a one night stand type of thing.

Man, every time I post, I scroll up to see if that disclaimer as gone away yet, but it's still there. :( Some day, I'll hit my 50th post. I will! :)
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Man, every time I post, I scroll up to see if that disclaimer as gone away yet, but it's still there. :( Some day, I'll hit my 50th post. I will! :)

come visit and play in The Ward :)

Oh you have to love the 'babe' comment last night :lol: :adore:

I've been capping season 10 and I just finished Longball.

I love the smirks that both guys have here but what I find very interesting is if you include Langston in the picture

he looks like he's just found out that Nick and Greg are a couple :) :lol: not very observant there are you Ray :lol:
Last night was a great episode for The Love! Nick saying to Greg, "Let's go baby!" when he wanted him to pay up his lost bet. And Greg saying how much he hates losing bets...makes you wonder how many bets they make at home?! Hmmm.

Also the way Nick kept looking at Greg when they approached the boyfriend's door to knock on it. He seemed to be admiring him almost. Can't say I blame him, Greg's been looking really great lately. :D
I've only got about half capped but -

Some caps from last night. It's been so long since we've had a case with basically just the boys working it. :thumbsup:

"Lets go baby" :)

Nicky wins the bet

Processing the limo: