The Football Thread #4 - It Is Not Soccer

Congratulations Spain!
This was a fantastic match, so fun to watch, Spain played awesome football and Russia did its best *applauds to Russia as well* (honestly, Russia played better than Germany, as well as Turkey played better than Germany :rolleyes: <-- addressed to Germany ;) )

OK, I'm torn now: if Germany will play as lovely as against Portugal in the final I'll cheer for "my" team, otherwise I want Spain to win the cup. They played constantly great football during the whole tournament, they'd absolutely deserve it.
Yay congrats to Spain. I really enjoyed the match. I agree to that Spain should win it now, they deserve it. It should be a great final on Sunday
Congrats to Spain! Match was great and now I can't wait for the final. Germany - Spain, we'll see amazing game... Final is not surprising, I really thought that these teams will meet in Vienna. They just the strongest in this tournament...
I watched 30mins, then I was so tired that had to go to sleep. Russia had some really nice tries and I was surprised that Spain really scored 3. And of course Torres couldn't score and Guiza, that replaced him, did first goal :p damn my Fantasy Football sucked... I even left out Schweinsteiger first, thankfully had Lahm
Anyways, it bothered me that Spain was playing in yellow and Russia in red :lol:

For the final, I will cheer for Germany, since it is my 2nd fave country after Holland.

Oh for the final, my Fantasy football team is



Senna (at bench)

Great team ^ ^. Although I'd have gone for Casillas lol. I love Torres, he's awesome. And Fabregas last night was great.
OMG!! Twenty minutes left to the FINALE(!) I'm so exited! I hope Germany's gonna make it!! *crossing my fingers*

Have a nice football match!!
yay, congrats to Spain! a well deserved win. great match, i wish there was more goals, though.
Spain we just awesome, it should have easily been 4-0. The German defence was just nowhere! I knew I should have had a bet on Spain lol, but i think they deserved it overall.
Congrats to Spain!

I thought I would see something more from the German side... Spain deserved this win! And Torres, he was amazing!
Yeah, congrats to Spain! :)
They absolutely deserved it, great football team, and Germany...sorry, but I didn't see any spirit. OK, for two minutes in the second half, but that's just not enough for winning - or deserving - the cup, a real pity
ok, now I’m furious. Do I really have to read/hear everywhere that women hate football/don’t know a thing about it/need some tips how to survive championships? :scream:

I’ve just watched some lottery-drawing and a presenter (female) said women should be happy now ‘cause Euro’s over so they can get men’s attention back:wtf: I know that football is a sport associated more with men but geez, is it so strange that women watch it too? I wish I could see a magazine before some serious football event without headlines like: 100 things to do while your man’s busy watching matches. GRRRR :scream:
^ ^ ^: What?!?! That's made me angry now. Grr, added to the fact that some guy my friend was serving at work today said, man mate, she knows more about football than you, it must be bad.

Can women not like sports/football? GRR I feel your anger!