I love thanksgiving. But i live in canada so we already had ours.
I am thankful for my family my friends and the fact that every night i have a home to go back to. So happy thanks giving everyone!
And here in the United States, Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November. So this year it is the next to the last Thursday.
Happy birthday GoodnightAndGo! :)

What I'm thankful for:
-my 2.1 speakers, lol.
-my new physics teacher
-my new literature teacher (I totally hated the
-the chocolate I'm eating
-my new friend I really love
-my guitar

This is all I'm thankful for this year, too bad Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Hungary.
Happy birthday GoodnightAndGo!

I'm Canadian as well, so I've already celebrated Thanksgiving, but I'm thankful for:
-My dog and cats
-My boyfriend
-My family
-My friends
-Going back to school
-Being Canadian :D
Crazy Americans. Don't you know Thanksgiving is in October? :lol: just kidding. Happy thanksgiving to all, no matter when you celebrate it :)

I'm thankful for:
-My puppies
-My family (the whole huge extented lot of them)
-My friends
-An excuse for a big turkey meal
-TalkCSI, and the people here who are as crazy as I am ;)

Last spring USAWEEKEND.. invted you all to enter our contest..9,004 recipes were entered..then 25 finalists.. this recipe won.. enterd by Anel Schmidt's.. and named it after her mother Mercedes..


1 16-lb turkey
3 heads of garlic
1 Tbs. black pepper
1 Tbs. ground cumnin
1 Tbs. of dried oregano
2 Tbs. of salt
2 cups fresh lemon juice from about 1 lemons
1 cup of dry white wine
i can of frozen orange juice

Crush garlic..add pepper.. and salt . add the other ingredients..than cut deep pentrating slits in the turkey.. and stuff the garlic in the slits.. and pour the marinate in the slits as well.. and then all over the turkey..cover with foil.. over night.. cook for about 5 hrs.. at 325..let the turket rest and then carve.. delicious taste.. and so tender.. :p
I can't wait for Turkey Day!!!!! Turkey and stuffing {someplaces call it dressing, I call it both} and mashed tators and all kinds of other good food...and desserts to die for!!!!! YUMMY, making myself hungry just thinking about it....
I'm thankful for my children, family, friends, my job, and that my kids and I are healthy, plus to much more to type at the moment..... :D
Thanksgiving is a great holiday! I like helping my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner and then I watch the Food Network (even though most people watch sports or something. :p)
When I read the $10,000 turkey headline, I thought the turkey was actually $10,000. Like with expensive ingredients and jeweled platters! Silly me. :rolleyes:
I love Thanksgiving! I'm a crazy American, a really crazy American because I'm going to be in Disney World of Orlando, Florida for Thanksgiving! I'm leaving Thursday morning so I'll miss two weeks of CSI!! AHHHH! MY WORST NIGHTMARE HAS COME ALIVE!! Haha, but I'm having a friend tape it and I won't have internet or T.V. so watching it on innertube's out. But I'll watch it first thing we get home Saturday night, Sunday morning, lol. But I'm thankful for...

-my family's and my own health, even though I'm always getting hurt.
-my friends and their kindness and generosity.
-my family to begin with for inspiring me to do so many things that I truly want to do.
-a democracy to live a free life.
-and of course since we're on a CSI forum, I'm thankful for CSI! :p