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Ok I've found the other tattoo thread and merged the new with the old. I've also changed the title to reflect the discussion of piercings as well :)
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Frank Iero?! Kat Von D?! :lol: Love them both. I agree with Hollyyo and you, there's nothing wrong with tattoos, and it bugs me when people think there is. I remember I was actually scared to tell my grandparents, but when they found out they were fine with it. I was pleasantly surprised.
Haha, yeah, them. I love Kat too. Although she was soooo late that episode. :eek: At least Frank was understanding, though. I probably would have gotten so mad. :lol:

But yeah, tattoos don't make you a bad person. They're just a personal choice. Nothing wrong with that. :)
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Sarasidle_girl: It looks good a little too big but I like it :)

I have on tattoosand no piercings. Always wanted a tattoo though. But the thought havingitmywhole life keeps me away of having one
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Don't have a tattoo and I don't plan on getting one. It's not because I'm afraid of needles, it's because of the possible health risks.

I've had my ears pierced since I was a newborn. When I was fourteen I got two more piercings on my right ear. I let one of them reseal after two years. So now, I still have two in my right ear and one in my left.
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I recently found out that my first eyebrow piercing and lip piercing are still open. After two years with nothing in them, SCORE!

I haven't tested the second eyebrow piercing out, but probably not since its the reason I took the first out
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I do not have any piercings or tatoos. But I'd like to have a little star on my ankle.
*pats dusty thread*

Guys!!! Let's discuss body modification! I have three piercings (frowny, smiley, tongue) and ear stretchers. I am thinking about getting two tragus piercings, but I heard they heal pretty slowly, so I'm not sure. I would also like a tattoo (either a simple molecule symbol or a trinity knot), but I'm afraid I'd regret it later. Any idea? :D
I have two heart shaped studs in pink & silver in my ears and i have got 4 tattoo's - left shoulder, left forearm, right wrist and right ankle
I have a nose piercing. It was more my mom wanting me to have it done than me actually wanting to have it but it turn out okay and wasn't as painful as I thought it might be.

I also have my ears pierced, but I haven't put anything in them in a while...
I've got the word "courage" tattooed on my left wrist in memory of my sister. She lost her battle with cancer, but she showed me the true meaning of the word. I plan to get the word "strength" on the right wrist one of these days.
I have one tattoo of the Egyptian Eye of Ra on the left side of my back/shoulder. It's just black and kind of boring, someday I want to add something to it, even if it's just some colourful swirls or something. I got that when I was 16 and since then have been saying I want another one but haven't really gotten around to it, or I couldn't afford it. Lately I've been thinking really hard about certain lyrics on my side, but they're about 13 words long so I'll have to talk to the artist to see how we can make them look good.

I've never had good luck with piercings. I've had my ears, eyebrow and nose pierced (nose hurt a lot by the way) and have had to take them all out. My ears swelled so much the earrings started to go through my ear and I had to take them out. My eyebrow and nose piercings grew granulomas on them so I had to take them out too and luckily the granulomas went away on their own. All the holes have closed. -_- I really love piercings too so it kind of sucks, but I'm resigned to the fact that I won't ever have piercings again. :lol: