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Because I'm Speed cap happy I had to cap some from Blood Brothers. Wow does he look so hot in this episode! (Thumbnails, click to see full size)


Thank you! Feel free to post more of your favs! Empire Records is on right now, love Rory in that. Just watched the part when he takes a couch cushion with him so he doesn't "leave" the couch then he chases after the kid who stole the CDs. Great movie, great acting by Rory.
I just joined this CSI Talk thing a was soooo happy to see this posts. Speedle is the man. I love everything about him. Horatio was how I started watching it, but I stayed for my Speedle. Now that he has since left it's not the same anymore. I don't care who you are or who you like, the show has changed. It doesn't have that realism that it had when he was on. Rory is such an amazing actor its ridiculous. Way better than Adam Rodriguez and Emily Proctor (sorry for those of you who are fans). David and Rory are the best. Jon Togo's great too. I have yet to watch a movie where Rory was terrible. He's just AMAZERFUL plain and simple. Most people I know don't really see it. They're too caught up in the hiphuggers thing.

I still love CSI Miami, but I'm getting tired of them writing Speedle off. I wasn't a fan of how they brought him back for his guest appearance. It's like the wrote him off from the beginning. No respect for him or his character. Now if Miami gets new fans they'll probably never really know who Speedle is unless they go back to the good ole days and see those episodes. It breaks my heart. Rory deserves better and I don't blame him for not doing the flashback episode. People think I'm crazy for saying all of this, but its because they don't see how truely amazing he is. Too Calleigh/Eric Obsessed and that's an understatemnt. CBS has, I think personally forgotten Speedle. When they brought Jesse on the show I was excited because he knew Speedle, but when they killed him off that was a stab right in the heart. Another thing that brought Speedle in was now gone. It really breaks my heart. :( But anyways Speedle is the best, and I never say he died... he left, because well he's not dead. Just sayin'.

Speedle fans we need to stick together!

Welcome Speedlechick! So nice to have another Speed fan here! I miss him so much, his character was great and the rapport he had with Eric is something I miss. I too, like you and many other Speed fans don't like the way he written off. The way he came back was weird but it was nice to see him. I wish Rory would have come back last season when they did that flashback episode but he turned it down. Can't blame him since they killed him off and he didn't want that. Hope to see you posting here more!
I miss speed... I wish speed was still on csi miami i miss him and eric working with each other and there jokes to each other !

Me too! There are quiet a few of us who miss him and the old team!

yea me to the old team them were great..... Csi miami should let speed come back from the dead :)

Yeah have Speedie ( I call him that) come back from the dead. It happend before with Ray Caine. But I don't want Speedie to die again though.