Speed/ Calleigh #3 - Love Undercover

Ok, time to revive this thread since there are some interesting spoilers :eek:
As some of us already know, this episode will be set in 1997 when Calleigh first arrived at the department and it looks like Speedle is going to be in it. You're wondering whether there's gonna be a Talleigh scene or not...well here it is!!! :adore:

Calleigh enters for the first time in the Miami Dade Police Department and is looking for her new unit. Speedle, who's on the opposite side of the room, almost trips when he sees her. He, then, throws an appreciative look back as they pass.

Isn't this just adorable??? I'v always dreamt to see these two when they first met and I do think this "1st meeting is just too sweet :adore: ".
I just love Tim whenever he does something like this.
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Back to Calleigh and Speed. :D
Oh, no, Timmy and Calleigh.. Ugh, why did Rory have to do that, why did he have to turn the offer to return down? :(

I loved Speedle/Calleigh in season 1&2 (and three, even though Speedle was dead), before Delko matured and straightened up.

I think they definitely had something going and they would've worked on it more if Speedle hadn't died.
Yeah, I wish Rory would have accepted the offer to return to the show. It would have been nice to see Speed and Calleigh in some new scenes together.
I have never really considered the Speed and Calleigh pair, and after reading this thread and re-watching all the episodes mentioned now I think that if Speed didnt die, Calleigh and Speed would be a brilliant couple! theres definitely chemistry there! :)
I wish Rory accepted the offer, it'd be nice to see him agian....*sigh*
Oh yeah ! I think it would have be Speed and Calleigh all the way! I mean look at it this way! You kinda expect the Calleigh and Eric thing cause they are like the two that have the most action and they are considered to be the pretty couple and all! If Rory had stayed though what a flip that would be to stick the two most unlikely polar opposites together! they Sexual tension and Speeds Shyness to say how he felt about Calleigh would be the perfect Love story in my book!

I think Eric and Calleigh are great together and yeah they fit and we new it would happen eventually, but the thought of the Speed and Calleigh Dynamic coming to place and then finally connecting! (sigh) What a great Love story!
Yeah, Calleigh and Speed woud have made a fantastic couple and I know this is way off but can you imagine if they had kids? I wonder what they'd look like?
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I think I am going to be the one to get this going again.

Kids...Calleigh's hair and Tim's eyes. I could see the attitude of both of them running in the little one. Boy or girl though? What would the names be? I think Alexx would so be like a grandmother figure to the little ones. Speed and Calleigh would make a really cute family.