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But those same producers have said that it will be Marg Helgenberger and George Eads, who have been with the series from the beginning, and not Mr. Fishburne who will be stepping to the front after Mr. Petersen leaves the cast at midseason."

I hope this is true, because changing this show from a criminal one to a romantic soap as has been rumored in this thread just simply can't be true. They stayed at the top because of the criminal puzzles, not because of romance.

With all the rumored schmoop in the beginning fo the season, I will wait until ep 10 to tune back in. And I read spoilers to be forewarned. How about the casual viewers who tune into the soap, expecting CSI and getting tvue wuv? Will they return after possibly 4-6 eps of lovey dovey, plot hole show? I can't believe they are taking such risks because the show has to continue even after Grissom leaves. Logic tells me that they need to use known characters to rely on with such changes.

At this rate I can't wait for Grissom to be gone. I never thought I'd say it but I will not miss him one iota.
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Why do I feel like the kid who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar? Sorry.
:lol: The Cookie Jar Moo'd. :p

Other Info: Okay for further info into my post above regarding the reminder, I am betting people are wondering well how do we discuss the characters leaving?, how do we discuss the character coming in? Well I can now answer that, there are now two threads for just that.

The Actors/Actresses who Leave *No Spoilers*
Larry Fishburne Joins The Cast *No Spoilers

If we think of anything further that will help to separate out we will do so. Until then hopefully this will lend to keeping this on topic. ;)
I wonder when we are going to find out what LF's new character's name will be? Or has that been answered already?

And when do they start shooting the episodes from 11 onward?

I was watching LF in the Matrix the other day and all I could think was wow this guy is going to be on CSI. I's excited!!!

Now I think a while back, it was quoted by one of the producers (although they change their minds a lot) that Catherine was heading the team and that Nick was her right hand.

My hope is that the team will be kind of flatlined in a sease that with Grissom it will kind of scientific managed team, top down, but with Catherine it might be more equal.

Not to start a debate? I don't want Destiny to stick my head in the cookie jar, although that wouldn't be a punishment!
I'm really excited to see how Catherine and Nick handle the team. Catherine will probably run a bit of a tighter ship than Grissom, but who knows how Nick would try to run it. Maybe some clashing ahead for the pair? Hmm.
Grissom and Catherine are going to be different kinds of leaders. We've seen it already in season 5. Catherine wants to be in charge, her approach might seem harsh to some, but she was trying to be taken seriously in a difficult, male-oriented profession. On the other hand Grissom never sought his position, he didn't want to be supervisor. It was only by chance that be became boss. So this season is really going t highlight different leadership styles between two great characters. I can't wait to see Catherine and Nick working together under these new circumstances.
I'd say Ecklie will find it that much easier to deal with Catherine then some of the dealings he's had with Grissom over the past seasons. Like someone said already, we've already had a taste of what it was like with Catherine running the show, my curiosity is on Nick. How will he go about it being in that type of role...sure he has all the experience, but will he be able to handle it?
Given the info that Cat and Nick will be in charge, I kind of wonder how TPTB will handle Cat's family money situation. It may have been her Mom who inherited from Sam, as the epi with the groundbreaking for the new casino hinted, but you know Cat's the brains of the family. Now that she's moving to the forefront, will there be a conflict of interest issue, or because Sam is (supposedly) dead, did all that criminal stuff die with him? Should be interesting. Especially if Sam turns out not to have died (did anyone here see his funeral, grave, etc?).
i'm really happy that Catherine and Nicky will be moving into the light a little bit more, which naturally gives Greg a little more time and more responsibility :thumbsup: i think that they want to keep all that we know any gradually add in new characters and conflicts as to keep us interested because after Grissom, Sara and Warrick have officially left only for Billy and Jorja to do the occasional guest appearances, TPTB are expecting their fan bases and ratings to go down quite a bit, but they don't want to lose everybody and everything and all the hype that they've created.

Because if the show has to end i think that they would want to end it on their standards and say 'you know, we had a good run but there's such a thing as too much and it's gotta end' instead of the show being canceled, so every fan needs to be loyal to the show not just the characters.

rahkira, that's a very good point you just made..but the only answer is to wait and see, but i do hope that they tie up all the loose ends that they have kind of created left hanging out there. and i've actually never questioned Sam Brauns death :confused: i'm pretty sure he'll stay dead, lol. TPTB have sort of ended all that jazz involving Sam and his gangster connections and how it's effecting everybody he loves. and i think it's for the best that it's over, IMO.

and a few sites have a HQ version of the promo up and its waaaay easier to see certain scenes. i remember reading somewhere (it may have been this site, actually..) i can't really remember where, but it said that the promo wasn't all from "For Warrick" it was from the first couple of episodes, making it not only a promo for the premiere but trying to get all the hype up again for the whole season.

daang we're in S/9 already!? :wtf:
rahkira -In S7's living legend Greg did pretty much confirm Sam's death. Greg said something to Cath about mobs guys and Sam.

Catherine; "My father wasn't a mob guy"
Greg: "Well I didn't mean to speak ill of the dead."

I doubt CSI would go that route and bring Sam back - too soapish. At least I hope they don't.

Anyway I am also excited to see how Cath and Nick run the lab and how they both handle things. If Nick is affected by Warrick's death, will it have a negative impact on how he does his job? Some spoilers seem to suggest it will, like his changing behavior, and thinking he sees Warrick...etc
Yes I'm excited to see what might happen to Nicks' character, and what he does do. I hope that with Warricks death/departure/whatever/exit, that its dealt with properly and not over in one episode.

I hope that they continue to mention it all the way through season 9.

About time regarding Greg. Maybe we might even see his house, or other stuff like that.

Still thought, this season should bring back some good old fashioned angst and melodrama with comedy. Comedy isnt always light and airy.
You know as much as I wanted Nick to find Warrick first, I'm starting to realize why they set it up so that Grissom finds him first.

More then likely, this is the catalyst to Grissom's departure. Having Warrick die(?) in his arms is probably going to completely devastate him. Nothing much seems to shake Grissom, he's like Teflon-tragedies roll off his back, but this will be just too much for him to deal with.

So, as much as it would have been awesome drama to watch Nick find him, for plot's sake Grissom finding him first worked better.

I still would have preferred Nick though, but hey I'm not the writers-if I were Greg and Nick would have more storylines and Warrick would be alive!!! Sara would still be there (I'd shackle Jorja to the set) and let Grissom come and go as he pleased.

I aologize if this has been posted before....

Episode 9.04 - Let It Bleed

Note: This was originally entitled "Scales".

While Nick and Riley witness a man in a police costume rob a convenience store. They then must help the rest of the team investigate the death of a young woman who turns out to be the daughter of a big time drug lord wanted by FBI, CIA, and DEA. They discover with security camera footage she was thrown out of a club by two bouncers earlier that night. When Catherine and Riley go to the club Catherine discovers her daughter Lindsey with a fake ID.
I think I've already heard that one.

Myfuturecsi, I totally agree with you on that. TPTB need a valid reason for Grissom to leave and Warrick's death might shake him strong enough to question his life and everything.
And lets face it, Nick's already been through too much, no need to add finding your best friend dying!
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Well, that's a valid point. But, why can't there be a compromise and let Griss and Nicky find Warrick together? And Grissom could be the one to hold him while he dies and Nicky can at least get to say goodbye. But, Nicky wouldn't be able to grab him in his arms cause he'd be too much in shock. But, maybe Warrick could manage to utter a goodbye to him before he dies. Or at the very least if Nicky isn't there, let Warrick be able to give Griss a message of goodbye for Nicky.
And it might still be that way, we've only seen Grissom in the promos holding in him. So, perhaps Nick showed up afterwards.

If Warrick was shot in the neck, his vocal chords might have been severed, so he was unable to talk. He probably had gone into shock by then.
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