Season 8 Wishlist

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Re: Season 8 Wishlist

lol....another wish to add to the list....for season 8 to start already....I don't think I will survive till September
*wonders if there is a cure for the csi blues...lmao*
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I really can't wait for the new season ... *looking at her watch * why can't we travel through time ?
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heehee...hmm have i made my wish?? well lets make a second one ;)

im sorry but this has to stop...*No GSR
*More Greg and Warrick..where are they?
*pls dont make this show into soap opera...
*Save Sara...
*Old grissom back..(I luv him...)
*Lady Heather...luv her
*abt greg's family (maybe his mother come to the lab)
*More Brass please.....
*the old crazy greg
*flirting between sara n greg...

i think thats it.... :D
Re: Season 8 Wishlist

Hmmmm I got a lot

-Start the season strong, last season's first handful of episodes were pretty dissappointing except Fannysmackin'

-Need another "in your face" episode, like Gum Drops or Fannysmackin. A character-centric episode that is intense.

-Warrick centric episode. Maybe the death of his wife or something.

-An episode where the 5 guys work a case together (Gris, Warrick, Nick, Greg, and Brass) and the 3 ladies work together (Sara, Cath, Sofia)

-Another two parter, maybe mid-season

-An incredible Season (possibly Series) Finale, that we will remember forever.
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-the return of the nick/warrick partnership. they were hysterical in the first season and bring an important element of humor to the show.
-more cath/grissom cases. they work very well together and i feel like the strong link between them that existed in the earlier seasons has gone by the wayside.
-save sara, but i don't really care one way or the other about GSR
-Lady Heather returns and puts a strain on (and maybe breaks) GSR
-sofia leaves. i just don't like her.
-i also really like mrb105's idea of a warrick centric episode about his wife's death. that could be interesting.
-maybe a revival of eddie willow's case...that could also be interesting i think.
-a really good, action packed season 8 premire episode. it better be good.
-I don't want season 8 to be the last season!!!
Re: Season 8 Wishlist

I like to see Nick and Sara flirt again with each other, even thought she with Grissom.
Greg back to the lab where he is belong, (Keep him safe there.)
I like to Warrick and Nick back to their bet and joking with each other.

I like to see Greg move on to other girl, even thought Sara is not interested in him, he will finally realized she not into him, she like oldest man.
Re: Season 8 Wishlist

- To see Nick's more personal life

- Warrick and his wife

- Catherine and her daughter

- Sara lives!
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No more GSR. Last season turns out to be a dream sequence while Brass is in a coma. He wakes up and GSR is gone and Gil is back to being the sexy bugman he was for the first six seasons without the encumbrance of someone who wants to shave him with an extremely dangerous razor.

More Gil roadtrips, alone, like Jackpot.

Gil and Catherine together again - their friendship chemistry is there on and off the screen without them having to be seen on a bed together.

Gil and Bruno - true love. Gil uses Bruno to pick up chicks.

Nick actually mentions to someone, anyone, he was buried alive and still can't sleep with sheets or blankets on him. He also bought a convertible and never puts the top up. He shivers uncontrollably whenever he talks to his Aunt Fannie. He is having dark thoughts and finds a therapist. Like Tony Soprano, we get to see his sessions talking out his fear of boxes of any kind. He weeps at the sight of a shoebox.

Sara realizes she feels the love that cannot be named for Frau Farbissina. She stops the pretense and quits tweezing her eyebrows.
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Gee my Season 8 wishlist...hmmm..

* I want more corny, snappy oneliners that Gil used to make at the start of each show. I miss them.

* More cases like "Fur and Loathing" or "Big Middle" or even "King Baby" which offered great chances for humour and were kinky but interesting.

*More continuity. If the writers start something ...finish it. We never see how Catherine is affected by Sam's death and Lindsay's kidnapping throughout the season. It just disappeared. Same with Kepplers death. Catherine seemed very affected by it, but then it is never touched upon again. Or when Keppler and Catherine did the reverse forensics and kept the rest of the team out of the loop, I expected more of an after effect from that..lost trust in Catherine by the team. I also expected a confrontation between Gil and Keppler regarding the reverse forensics.

*Let Greg get back some of his zaniness. I know he's a CSI now, and he's seen more and has matured, but let's not choke the life right out of him.

*More light-hearted storylines like Leaping Lizards and Labrats

*More interaction between everyone on the team. What happened to the chemistry that the whole team had? Gil and Catherine are supposed to be friends, but they have been acted nothing more than professional around each other. Gil can be in a relationship and still interact with other people. :rolleyes:

*A Grissom centric episode or 2 like "Jackpot"

*Find Gil someone to teach because he has no-one now and he's so hot in lecture mode. We never see Gil's genius anymore.

*The beard is back

*Don't kill off GSR because if you do then we have sad, grumpy Gil and I want him to be happy.If Sara dies, then Gil retreats. If Gil and Sara break up, Gil retreats. We don't need a whole season of moping Gil. :( I want him to be happy.

*More Brass. He's hysterical. And get him and Sophia together. Brass deserves some happiness too.
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Make Greg happy and fun again. And more of nick/Greg chemistry. Romantic or not, they go good together, I miss that...
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My wish List......
Kill Sara! (Sorry don't really like her! She bashes Cath too much!)
Gris with his shirt off.... maybe an toush shot!
More Cath and Gil...
Cath and Gil finally Shack up!!

If Sara lives...
No more SGR FOREVER!!!!!
Cath and Gil have an afair!

But Manily.... Either Sara dies or if Sara lives... THE PUREJOY SHIP STARTS!!
Re: Season 8 Wishlist

Gil and Bruno - true love. Gil uses Bruno to pick up chicks.
HELL YEAH! Lol, good one. Bruno's a legend.

Some additions to my earlier entry:
* More funny episodes, they're the best episodes, definatly. Lab Rats was one of the best S7 episodes easily.
* Brass' ex wifey. I'd like to meet her.
* THE BEARD! Please Bill i'm begging!
* More Sofia, she kicks ass, doesn't get enough screentime. I likes her lol.
* Gil & Catherine to have thier original fun, quirky relationship restored. Maybe more ;)
Re: Season 8 Wishlist

I can't believe anyone would want to dump the GSR. It has added depth to the characters and just the right amount of romance and levity to the show. The writers have done a great job of keeping it in the backgroung and yet making it a central theme of the last season. I love their scenes together! If you go back and rewatch the shows, it is fun to see them mature and form a solid relationship. I think Grissom and Sara understand each other better than anyone and they make a great team. In fact, I think it would be fun to find out that maybe they are already married!!
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