Season 8 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion - Part 2

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maybe cos people aren't always responding directly to one person. I don't look at one person and and see them as the all encompasing oracle and feel the need only to take that point on board. Sometimes in a 20+ page thread - people take in a variation of posts and thoughts before replying. So shoot me for generalising, and taking on board 20 points of view against 1. I don't have the time to digest all of this! Such is life.

Take is with a pinch of salt, it's a forum after all. As long as people are polite and don't insult, there's room for it right.
sarahvma said:
Yeah, i get that. I don't care if people don't agree or not. Its when you see posts like 'i don't understand WHY'. Hello, just because you don't think my points are valid, they are still explaining WHY i don't like it. How is it that people STILL don't get what i am trying to say.

But again, there is a difference between saying, "I don't *know* why they feel that way" and saying, "I don't *understand* why they feel that way."

that still doesn't warrant for repetitive posts asking the same thing. I only keep going on about because of it.

Anyway, I hope Sara says no, because she has already stated she is anti-marriage, and it would be bad continuity otherwise.
Anyway, I hope Sara says no, because she has already stated she is anti-marriage, and it would be bad continuity otherwise.

Correction, she said she wasnt anti-marriage, just anti-stupid.

If she says yes or no, something is going to give them a bump in the road.
Purejoylove said:
GSR fans really need to cool down. You can't expect everyone to like the same thing, and that's perfectly okay.
It's not just GSR fans that need to cool down, it seems to be everyone who isn't getting their way on the show in general that needs to take a deep breath.

You know, I totally understand why some people don't like GSR, how it could possibly ruin the show for them. People don't see the chemistry between Grissom and Sara (And, honestly you guys don't need to quote me and say "BUT THEY DON'T!!!!") just like I see no chemistry between Grissom and Catherine, or Warrick and Sara.

By last night's promo it looks like the whole scene is going to be a minute or so long. I don't even think Sara is working a case, and if she is we won't see much of it (just like we didn't last night). The cases have been Grissom, and Catherine working together for the most part. I don't see the problem, honestly. TPTB can not obviously please every viewer, but try to give everyone a little of what they want. They sometimes fail, but they're picking up.

I think I can safely say that it's not just I that doesn't want to post here as often, because no matter what I say (or any GSR fan for that matter) gets twisted, battered, and abused. This whole messageboard is becomming a fued between GSR fans, and GSR antis.
Exactly. Grillows fans should be happy that Grissom and Catherine are always working together and Sara is in the background, even if shes a major part of Grissom's life.
Thanks for posting. That promo was much better and this looks as though it could be very interesting. Just glad i live on the west coast and can see what you all say about this before it comes on. If it turns out to be a ship fest then I may skip this one. Hopefully the team is all given time to be in this show.

The one thing that interest me from this promo was Catherine and Grissom talking and him telling her she could be fired for leaking info to the press. Maybe not those exact words but that is how I recall it. This should be interesting to see if Catherine pushes the envelope.
Yeah I noticed that too, Sara4Nick. Wondering what went down... but then, that's another guaranteed moment with Cath and Gil together. And I'm not just saying that as a shipper. I really enjoyed the friendship moments they had in previous seasons.

Really, though, I'm trying to be as tolerant with GSR as much as possible... and I'll even admit I'm a little intrigued to as where TPTB are going to go with that storyline with Gil and Sara.
Wojo said:I am taking my leave from this thread for a week, until all this blows over and Go to hell get's its own thread.
"Go to hell" has its own thread, but I think you meant the next ep which is "The Case of the Cross Dressing Carp"? that will be out either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. ;)
xfcanadian said: Posts like these are what gets me angry...i list off all the reasons why i don't like GSR and why i think its bad for the show, and no one bothers too read my posts. How do i know this? Because i keep reading posts 'i don't understand why people don't like GSR' ARG! Its frustrating to keep repeating everything...Even if you don't think my reasons are valid, they are still my reasons...
It could also be that people are asking this not just from one prespective but many, It may not have anything to do with you (in a direct sense) as they may actually read your posts, but they might want opinions from others as well. It might make you angry but the person I believe meant it in a general sense or rhetorical way, I don't know for sure.
brass_lives said: And I do read posts, not all of them tough I concede - but who does right
:lol: I do, its a requirement :p But I know what you meant.

Here is a suggestion, See this post above for those who missed it the first time regarding a balanced discussion. ;) let remember unless we are speaking about GSR in a specific episode, like the rules state this is why we recommend general ship discussions be done in either a thread for that ship or if you want to debate it, I believe that SC has a debate thread.

Thank you.
I think I am going to take WOJO's logic and step away from these spoiler threads until things blow over (or until I feel I need to say something). Honestly, it reminds me of Jr. High school all over again, with the pointless bickering over...well, everything. I am tired of trying to find and read an actual spoiler amongst the war of words and opinions over the different ships. I know everyones entitled to there own opinions and that there is a little thing called FREE SPEECH, but come on people, be a little considerate. Excessive ship talk....ship threads, excessive spoiler talk.....spoiler threads. Really, it is as simple as that.
myfuturecsi said: Case of the Cross Dressing Carp? Is Greg going to dress up a carp and dance with it..hehehe..that would be funny.
Sounds kind of like a name of an old ep of Perry Mason. :lol:
Seems to me like the "proposal" is being taken out of context. It's probably going to turn out like other promos did...she probably said something like, "My insurance rate just went up" and he says, "Maybe we should get married." :rolleyes:

Yay for the new promo posted! There's an actual case next week! Cross dressing carp? Anyone old enough to remember the carp fighting in the bathroom with the pig on "WKRP in Cincinnati"? ;)
ginascar said:

Grissom is a main character and a marriage proposal is a huge part of his life I would guess.

Although I do understand how this would make some of you very angry, but its the nature of the show.

People will watch because they love it, but then they will watch it as well so they can complain about it. All in all, the producers are getting people to watch it.

I totally agreee, last nights was a perfect example of the CSI's working on cases!!and the main character Grissom has evolved and is in a different place on the show, and he's happy, and that's a beautiful thing!
ATTENTION The Discussion Thread is now up for #804 "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp", ALL discussions for this episode should be taken and discussed there, as this is for FUTURE episodes.
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