Season 6: Did It Handle the Heat?

Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by Amanda_Ruth, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Okay, I know this is a couple weeks late, but I believe that it is high time there was a place to discuss this season of CSI: Miami as a whole.

    In my opinion, this season had a varying number of high and low points. These are different for everyone, as I've come to see, but the highest point was the growing relationship between Eric and Calleigh, in my opinion. Instead of casting aside the relationship after the season 5 finale, they decided to expand on it. They didn't do what the original CSI did with Catherine and Warrick in seasons 5 and 8, which was give us a taste of something and then let it fall through the cracks completely. The relationship between Eric and Calleigh was given an obstacle in the form of Jake. What they did well was the development of both relationships in the same season. They didn't completely erase Eric from the picture when Calleigh was with Jake, as in, they still worked together. The original avoided that for quite a while after Warrick's unfortunate rendezvous with Joanne (the hooker) and Lou Gedda. The Miami writers know what their viewers want, and give a good balance of relationships and character interactions, which is very prominent in season 6. The moments where Eric interacts with Calleigh, Horatio with Tripp, or Ryan with Natalia, and anything in between, were all touched upon this season.

    Now, I think the lowest point this season was the incessant focus on Horatio. Many of the more notable story lines went to him, leaving most of the characters in the second string story lines. Even Calleigh's kidnapping in "All In" seemed to stand in the shadow of Horatio's tryst in Brazil during "Ambush". The viewers were bombarded with storyline after storyline of him slowly losing his sanity. Seriously, the world is not going to stop turning just because Horatio isn't the focus of a storyline. Not to mention that the continuation of the Antonio Riaz/Mala Noche storyline was ill contrived and only served to make Horatio Caine look like a vigilante cop with bad judgment. In the earlier seasons, Caine was a well developed character who commanded respect and stuck to catching the bad guys by the book. When "To Kill A Predator" ended, I lost the little respect I had left for the man after "Ambush". Now, with "Going Ballistic" aired, over and done with, I'm not highly inclined to come back. If it weren't for the other well-developed characters, and the blossoming relationship between Calleigh and Eric, I would give not coming back a second thought. Here's to next season having more balanced story lines.

    All in all, I think that this season of CSI: Miami was nowhere near as good as previous seasons when it came to story lines, but character development was definitely as good as it was at its best when Tim Speedle was still alive. We learned a lot more about all the characters, without many more complications being added to their lives.

    If I had to rate this season, I would probably give it a 9 for character development and interaction, and a 5 for story lines. A solid 7 all around.

    Amanda Ruth :angel:
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    I agree with everything you said except the bit about the balance of character interaction. Natalia and Ryan had barely any screen time this season (not that I'm particularly fussed) but as they're part of the team, they should be there. And let's not even get started on Alexx.

    The relationship between EC is actually the only thing that keeps me watching this show, that and the character of Calleigh. I couldn't give a toss about the murders because it's always the same thing: plastic bimbo kills husband and denies it, or rich handsome man kills wife/girlfriend and denies it. *snores* I want real people, cases that interest me again. Yes, the science aspects are engrossing, but they don't build enough on them. It's just very much, "Oh, by the way? Science let's me do this. Neat huh?"

    And H's role has definitely changed over the seasons, which is only natural I guess, but it hasn't been in a good way. As the person in charge of the crime lab, he spends most of his time tied up in some awful storyline that no one really cares about. Then appears at the last minute to take credit for what the rest of the team (mainly Cal and Eric) found out.

    How would I rate season 6? I did enjoy it yes, and I LOVED the EC interaction and the way the writers built up their relationship. But I think you have to sit back and recognise that this is primarily a crime show, and in that aspect, Miami was pretty poor this season.

    So like you, Amanda, I say 9 for the character development (but that's just 'cause I love EC) and 5 for the cases/storylines.

    Oh, but something I forgot to take into consideration was the writers strike. On the whole, Miami did an awesome job in coming back fast and with a lot more episodes than most other shows. So I'm giving it extra points for that. :p
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    I have to say this was the worst season for me. The storylines were pretty boring. The only one I was really wanting to watch was the one where Alexx left and that is because I did not want her to leave. It was a very sad episode. She was one of my favorite characters on the show. The Horatio storylines were so boring and by the book. I could have figured them out in my sleep. No shockers at all. Most of the characters seemed to just be there for show. And the cases rich people dying. Over kill.
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    I 'll give them a 2 for character development. Calleigh and Eric are not the only characters on the show, and it's getting tiresome and overdone.It's time to move on.
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    Haha, touché.
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    Have to disagree about the character interaction - Season 6 was probably the WORST for this. It's always two CSIs in a scene - hardly ever three or the whole team. That's a big difference from the first few seasons. I don't think the team acts like a "team" anymore, and I won't even get into the stupidity of H/Cal not sharing a scene for 29 eps. :rolleyes: Also, as others have noted, it seems like no one but Eric checks on Cal anymore, which is utterly stupid. The team chemistry is NOT there - it's way too disjointed. Look at the other CSIs and you'll see there's a lot more interaction and camaraderie. This year, it seemed like it was the "Eric and Calleigh" show. (And of course Horatio drama abounded, but that's to be expected).

    It's great that you guys like the E/C thing, (and I do like their friendship), but for us who don't "ship" them, it can make watching the show kind of annoying. (No offense to E/C shippers, but others offered their opinion on this thing, so I'm just giving my two cents). Especially when they did that "love triangle" thing - Eric didn't disappear, but Jake sure did :wtf:. Now, I'm not a CaKE shipper either, but that makes no freakin' sense (yea, we know the actor went on to do another pilot, but that's probably b/c TPTB didn't give him a call to be in anymore eps.)

    Personally, I'd like to go back to those "subtle" exchanges instead of all these "we're putting these two together, do you get? do you get it now??" moments.

    Ryan and Nat were pretty much ignored this year. Not a lot going on there. I really felt especially bad for Ryan, b/c his "storyline" meant he had like five seconds of screen time per ep in the beginning. Then he came back, and he kind of disappeared into the background. Big bummer :(

    As for the Horatio drama - I really like Kyle, but I hate Julia — I don't think she helps us understand H and his past like she should've. I think Julia and Jake are similar in this regard - both should shed light on how Horatio and Cal were in the past, but they just are used as "tools" for a plot. The character depth is not there.

    Personally, I'd like to see Julia somehow get out of the picture. I really like Kyle and think the actor who plays him is doing a great job and there's a lot of potential in that storyline. But did the writers forget about Ray Jr.? And I wish they'd stop relegating Yelina to doing Horatio's dirty work. :rolleyes: I hate the way they make H seem like he doesn't care about HER anymore, just what she can do for him. :wtf:

    And while we're at it, I hate how disconnected H is from the team - I'm sure it's a product of what he's going through, but then they should have someone call him out on it. It's so painfully obvious that he isn't nearly as close to the team as he used to be. I hope this whole "getting shot" thing (if he really is shot) will bring them all closer.

    I have to say I did enjoy the post-writers strike episodes more. "Ambush/All In" was AWESOME, a real treat. And I loved watching Alexx shine in "Rock and a Hard Place" (although it was Alexx's last ep :( TPTB should've given her a storyline like this years ago.)

    To me, it's like TPTB are just ignoring everything that happened in the first three seasons. They need to rewatch the show from the beginning and start fresh next year. And have the ENTIRE team (or at least more than two!) in more scenes together.
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    This is an interesting discussion;)

    I agree, there were a lot of high and low points and in my opinion it was such a peculiar season that I don't think we'll be able to forget it completely.
    Who loves pairings like E/C but also CaKe, EdEN, Ryan/Natalia and all the other kind of paring, I'm pretty sure he/she enjoyed all their moments. There were tones of shipping moments for everyone. I think nobody can deny all the moments with all the couples…real and not real.

    As a high point I'd say the scientific part. Everyone wore a lab coat and everyone worked in the lab (especially after the strike).
    Someone blew up the lab while some other people just worked in it. I enjoyed it;)
    I also enjoyed Alexx’s episode. I always thought Khandi Alexxander deserved a good storyline and, although it was her goodbye (permanent or no?? I don’t kno ;) ), I was glad to watch an episode like “Rock and a Hard Place” with one of the best performances ever of Khandi.
    Plus some storylines were pretty good although some others were very lame.
    “Stand Your Ground” had tones of opportunities to be the best episode ever. Well IMO it was one of the worst episode of the season. Although EP was amazing in it (as it was Calleigh’s episode. She really rocked although I think her best performance ever was the one in “All In”) the ending was blah, the storyline was pretty lame, there was no TEAM spirit and with this episode they completely drop off a character (Jake) who was part of the biggest plot of the season…..the triangle :rolleyes:
    You couldn’t express my feeling better. They built up this GREAT triangle but, again I miss a side of it and I know triangle are made by three sides, not two :rolleyes:

    Another thing I enjoyed was the continuity which was used both in “Ambush” and “All In”. We had Dan Cooper, Riaz’s stuff and Yelina, Valer all in “one” episode.

    As for the character I thinks some things were pretty good especially Calleigh’s interior growth (thanks also to EP’s acting) although I don’t like they way they did it. I always think that the best way to develop a character is to use his family and not accidents or troubles.
    Another character I really enjoyed was Natalia. She slowly became stronger and stronger and she’s ready to become completely independent. Go girl!!! Plus she’s a very good CSI.
    I also enjoy Ryan if only they give him descent storylines
    Other things were very lame especially Eric and Horatio.
    We have Eric who’s a CSI with a bullet in his head and works as if nothing happened (oh yeah I forgot…he also dives :rolleyes:)
    Horatio just became a violent monster who beats/kills everyone who doesn’t respect HIS personal LAW.
    That exactly how I see them especially Jake ;)

    As final thought I would say “Once upon a time a TEAM…..”
    Yeah….there was no team in this season except when they met at ”Club Descent” at 6 pm. in order to get Calleigh freee.
    We have always two members of the team having the same scene. There’s no room for another one.
    Does anyone miss moments like the one from “Hurricane Anthony” or “Dispo Day” with Calleigh, Tim and Eric (they’re three) in their break room talking about cases and having fun at the same time???? Also “Curse of the Coffin” with Calleigh, Ryan, Eric laughing about the curse??
    I’m the first one to say that I miss them. I miss those moments and I miss those seasons….especially the first three.
    Another way to proove team spirit just disappeared ;).

    I’m all for knowing more about our character but honestly they’re doing a bad job with almost everyone. There’s no balance between characters’ lives and cases.
    I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy it because Tim is not here…..but honestly when he was a member of the team there was the best balance ever between these two things.
    The complexity of our characters is always getting bigger and the acting is always getting better and better but I miss something.

    Some things were better than s5 and s4 while a lot of other were worse.

    I really don’t know what kind of mark I could give this season.
    Considering the acting I’d say 7.5, not considering it I’d say 5 or less.

    Exactly. I miss a lot of things from the beginning :(
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  8. Finch

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    Ooh interesting points. :D

    The team interaction was definitely lacking but the development was fairly good. I enjoyed the scenes between Calleigh and Eric but did wonder where Jake was. I liked how much Natalia has grown this season but I would have liked to see more of her. Ryan didn't get nearly enough spotlight and he deserved much more. However, there's only so much screen time you can give each character when your main character (Horatio) is in the limelight 24/7 with his own personal drama. Shouldn't he not be investigating half these cases since they all have to do with him? Right yeah, putting sense into this show again, sorry. I love Horatio and I appreciate his character (moreso in the first few seasons) but it's getting a bit too 'in-your-face' for my tastes. I hope they continue the lab work with him because it was such a treat. :) As for balance, they still need that but looking back on seasons 4-5, I'd say it was an improvement.

    For me, there was a better balance in the earlier seasons because Delko/Calleigh/Speed/Horatio were all different personalities, all had different views on their case and because they were so different, their interaction wasn't predictable. Now, it seems like the writers are just granting everyone the same brain. There's nothing to work off of because it's so flat, except for a few episodes where someone almost gets it right. (Ie. 'Curse of the Coffin')

    As for episodes, it's weird, I actually remember almost all of them. :eek: If this were season 4-5, I'd be all "what?" :wtf: when did this air and what millenium?" around this time. So I'd say the episodes had enough of an impact for me that I'll actually go out and buy the season. There were some good cases, some interesting revelations and overall it was pulled off pretty well.

    I didn't so much like 'Rock and a Hard Place' because 1) I never like to see a character leave and 2) it's disappointing that the only time an underutilized, good character gets an excellent storyline is when they depart? Yeah. No. Wasn't impressed with that.

    'All In' was a great treat for me. We finally got to see the team working together, went back to basics and it gave Emily Procter a chance to shine. (and she wasn't even leaving the show! :p)

    Other great episodes for me were 'Miami Confidential' (very well done episode), 'Permenant Vacation', 'Dangerous Son', and 'Bang Bang, Your Debt'

    So I'd give the season a 7 out of 10. I'll actually remember this season for a long while and to me, it wasn't as bad as seasons 4-5. :rolleyes: There were definitely flaws with this season but there were some strong areas too. :)
  9. Della

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    Season 6 of CSI Miami just about killed any love I once had for the program. All I can remember is Horatio/Kyle, Horatio/Kyle/Julia, Calleigh being kidnapped, Alexx leaving, Horatio becoming a vigilante cop who has no regard for the Law whatsoever and Horatio then being shot (or play pretend being shot). Oh and please don’t ask me what the cases were in Season 6 because I have no idea whatsoever. And lastly I can’t remember laughing with genuine humour because of something that was said or done, but then I have found myself laughing at the completely and utterly ridiculous this Season.

    Anyway, in my opinion, the latter part of this season was comprised of one cheap shot after another that seemed to leave me insulted rather than excited and mostly annoyed. It’s like the PTBs gathered in a room and said, “Okay, now what do the fans want see? Oh yeah, Horatio in a lab coat doing a bit of forensics. One of the leads in jeopardy. Calleigh or Horatio? Calleigh or Horatio? Okay, let’s make it Calleigh. It’ll make a change and we’d be guaranteed viewers because she’s almost as popular if not as popular as the Horatio character. And how about we make it look like Horatio has been shot and is bleeding. Yeah, yeah, the fans have been begging for such a moment for soooo long now.”

    ...And so came the bending and the moulding of the characters to fit those utterly contrived, unbelievable storylines – and no matter how much someone might have said, “Hey, but you know such-‘n’-such wouldn’t do and/or say that”, someone must have come back with an answer of “Yeah, but it’s gonna look sooooo cooooool. Look, the audience is gonna love seeing Horatio taking out a several Mala Noche and, you know what, let’s have him execute one because he’s that pissed at them. Oh and you know what would be a really cool line to say just before he does that? ‘Mala Noche Justice, meet Miami Justice!’ Perfect.”


    As far as I’m concerned they ruined everything they had already established with the characters and in the process completely destroyed the Horatio character for me. I also think they sacrificed any and all further character establishments simply for the sake of Horatio getting his rocks off by killing as many people as he could in the shortest amount of time.

    Still, as said before, countless times now, I have no problems with anyone who watches CSI Miami simply because DC looks hot in a lab coat, or looks sexy pumping bullet after bullet into the criminals, or that Emily looks stunning in knee length, inappropriate leather boots... and so on, but for me personally, there has to be something much, much more to a program than that, and yet, particularly the latter part of Season 6, CSI Miami failed to deliver in almost every aspect when it came to any of the characters.

    Valera went missing in action for a good portion of the season, and it seemed Natalia had suddenly gained the ability to do all of the jobs at the tip of a hat. Ryan took such a backseat that, with the similarity of clothing he wore to Frank Tripp, I swear he was using Frank as a backdrop in which he could disappear. I also think they turned Jake into the invisible man, because for a split second he was there and then he wasn’t. Hmm, maybe the show doesn’t have room for two superheroes? :rolleyes:

    All in all, yes, sure, they had to contend with the writers strike and they do have my sympathy, but only up to a point because it’s not like CSI Miami was the only show that had to contend with that, and yet the majority of the other shows still managed to screen some good, quality episodes, even within the CSI franchise itself. So, all in all, in my opinion, it’s a good excuse but only up to a point.

    I wish I could hope for a change for the next season, but considering everything that has happened this season and the direction this show has taken, I’m certainly not holding my breath on that. With this Season’s finale next Season promises more of the same, something that holds no excitement for me whatsoever.

    ...Oh well...


    Edited to add: - I give this Season, Hmm, 2 or 3? Okay, 3, but, in all honesty, compared to even last season, this season was a complete nightmare for me, and I'm afraid it also managed to insure that I would not be watching next Season, unless a miracle happens.

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  10. Jennifer

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    I agree the team chemistry is not there. When I watch earlier episodes I notice that they're usually working two different cases, with the same CSIs working the same when Horatio & Calleigh worked the case of the dead girl in Camp Fear, and Eric & Speed worked the case of the dead man that siphoned gas from boats. Now it seems like they're all working the same cases but in a disjointed fashion. The same CSI's don't do the evidence gathering, analyzing, and interrogating of the suspects in their particular case, but you'll have 2 CSI's gathering evidence, one of those CSI plus yet another analyzing the evidence, and then the other that was gathering evidence interrogating a suspect with a CSI that hasn't been involved yet. Very disjointed and at times confusing. I'm hoping this is a by-product of the writers strike and trying to push out as many new episodes as they can before the end of the season.

    I don't agree that this year it was the "Eric & Calleigh Show" or that the Horatio Drama was to be expected. This year, if anything, it was the "Horatio Drama Show". Why must it be expected that the show should be all about his drama? While I don't watch CSI:NY or CSI as religiously as I do CSI:M, I don't think CSI:NY centers on Mac Drama all year, nor does CSI center on Grissom Drama all why must we expect a bunch of Horatio Drama each season? Frankly I'm sick of all his drama and vigilante attitude. This season would have been so much better if they'd taken half the drama time off him and given it to Ryan, Natalia, and Alexx...three characters whose screen time and character development was sorely lacking this season.

    You're right in that it made no sense that Jake just disappeared this season. It's highly likely that he was involved in the other show so he couldn't appear on CSI:M even if they asked him to, but that doesn't mean they couldn't mention him in some way or another so that the viewer wouldn't be left wondering (as I was) whether or not he and Calleigh are still together. Even though he wasn't physically there, they still could have pursued the triangle thing with conversation about him, or mentions of him...but they didn't, and this whole triangle thing seems to have been dropped. Not that I really mind, as I do ship E/C and didn't much care for Jake's character.

    As for E/C and their ongoing 'are they' or 'aren't they' relationship... I do find the fact that they're still going round and round about it annoying. Enough already. Get on with it! Once they confirm they are in a relationship (or decide they want to stay just friends) then they can get back to the subtle exchanges you mentioned and concentrate on developing Ryan or Natalia's characters and storylines, and for God's sake, team dynamics.

    On the whole, I liked this season. If it weren't for the Eric/Calleigh relationship, and little bits of Ryan, Natalia, Alexx, and Tripp that we got to see, the season would have been unbearable...because of all the Ho Drama. At least, for me, all that other stuff helped make up for the fact that I had to sit through so much of that boring drama and vigilante justice Horatio dispensed. The writers need to look at the man Horatio was in seasons 1 and 2, and bring him back to being that person.
  11. CSI_Kat

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    Another character that just disappeared was Sam. Whatever happened to her? Personally I really did not like all the Horatio drama. There were a few episodes I really enjoyed this season.....but I will not be running out to buy this seasons DVD.
  12. mjszud

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    This season has gone down as the worst in my opinion.
    The stories alone were way far over the top, even for Miami.
    As much as I enjoy Kyle's character, I hated the way he was introduced, it just seemed "forced" & there wasn't enough background to it.

    The interaction completely killed this season!!!!
    There are more characters than Horatio/Calleigh/Eric:wtf:
    I can assure anyone that fans exist ALL OVER the place not just here at CSIFiles or on other boards, ones who could care less to see all this drama forcely unfold on only 2 characters!!!
    the interaction was way too forced with certain characters & so incredibly inconsistant that it made the episodes unbearable to watch.
    I was not impressed!
    I did this :rolleyes: more than this:eek:....yeah that spells BORING.

    I don't mind so much that Horatio could possibly turn into the next dexter, that doesn't bother me, it's actually a little cool & exiciting in my opinion.
    However, I beg for the forced drama to wind down some & if they are going to feed us with more drama then at least use the other characters.
    Natalia & Ryan have been on the backburner entirely tooooo long.
    Both Eva & Togo have a good solid fanbase who would like to see more on thier characters.

    I would hope TPTB have something NEW & better for EVERYONE next season!!!

    I give credit to everyone who worked thier butts off after the strike, but it's time now to get it back together & start showing some creativity.
  13. calleighspeedle

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    I think this season has lost the plot entirely. I thought season 4 was poor but it picked up in season 5 and has lost the plot completely in season 6. No wonder Khandi Alexander left. This show has lost it's sparkle and I hope when the new season returns it has better storylines or I will stop watching it all together.
  14. Claire Conrad

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    This season was interesting... I really didn't pay much attention, just to say. I thought they dragged out the Kyle story too long, then incorporated him in the wrong areas. Some were okay story lines, others bugged me. The actor was cool and an okay actor at times...
    Half the time I didn't understand what was going on. Too much in this season. Especially the Kyle story arc. And it's still going on. Notice this? Elizabeth and Ron... why would Horatio's ex still be living in Miami, let alone not tell Horatio he had a SON????? They didn't cross paths until NOW? And I thought it was weird when Reed Garrett showed up on NY, magically becoming Mac Taylor's Stepson a season ago... This Kyle thing go on my nerves. Too much going on... not enough to work on... I really did not get this season... THen you throw other crimes in between, jumbling it around. Nothing straight forward? It's like you had to know half the time what was going on without information.
    Horatio deported back to Brazil? Oh, that's a low blow. And an old trick. How does Yelina do this and that, spill (HORATIO NOT ONLY HER BROTHER-IN-LAW, BUT A LOVE NONE THE LESS!), and Elizaebeth finds out, and uses her trick on Horatio? She seemed to care for Horatio, in one aspect or another. Even if she was being used. Low-life, sounds like it to me.
    This season was a little messed up. Somewhere along the way, even CSI that ends up having a 6th season goes down hill after the season finale. CSI did... or so it seemed to me. Miami just did. And I'm praying New York doesn't, but that still has two seasons to go before the season finale of season 6. Maybe Miami can revive it's self in the 7th season. CSI barely made a burp it seemed. Miami is an interesting franchise... lots more potential, but not much drive.
    I guess the season was okay. I was confused half the time. I need more info. And I can't even remember half of what happened during the season. I watched it all too. I saw 5 episode of NY, and I can remember the whole season practically. CSI... um... that one could differ all on it's own.

    6/10 for this season... every other season got a 10/10 rating. NY gets 10/10 every season so far. (9/10 for this last season, unfortunately). Who knows about Vegas.

    Miami is second best. Maybe a little less Horatio, more Eric/Calleigh relationship, maybe do more with Dan Copper... who knows. I remembered more now, right now... that was freaky.

    The Calleihg kidnapping and all... oh wow. That was okay, but it came back to bit everyone in the butt in the end. How convenient, I say.

    Nuff said for once..
  15. MaddyAnn

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    I'd have to disagree with most of you.

    Having started watching Miami during late season 3, I missed all the "good ol' speedle days." However, I have seen many of the reruns of these episodes.

    For me, season five still remainst the worst. I would rank season 6 just below season 4. I really enjoyed this season. It had a few low points, but overall I think the writers have done a good job of trying to reserrect the show.

    So, to the low points:

    1) There were some extra cheesy moments that I really disliked (eg, the burning taxi cab)
    2) Almost no Ryan, Natalia, or Alexx.
    3) The Eric/Calleigh line, while not really a low point I realize, does nothing for me.

    I realize a lot of people don't enjoy the "Horatio drama" but I thought it made the show more interesting. I enjoyed seeing Horatio going a little bit crazy. It made sense.

    Also, I thought that the introduction of Kyle was the smartest thing the show has done since the episode "Nailed." Kyle gives the audience a chance to see Horatio more vunerable. It also helps to reflect who Horatio really is. This was obviously attempted with Marisol in season 5, but the chemistry was never there. I think the writers realized that David Caruso interacts much better with children.

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