Season 13 Spoiler Pic Thread

For anyone on Twitter, if the hashtag #UnlockCSI gets tweeted enough we can see an exclusive photo. Right now it's at 46%, so about half there. :)
Brooke Anderson from The Insider is on set today doing interviews for the season premier. (probably more pics to come)

with Elisabeth Harnois
with Elisabeth Shue
with George Eads


When does that part show on tv?
Since she's doing interviews for the season premier I can only assume that it will be some time during week of the season premier which is Sept 26.


Elisabeth Harnois and 1302 director, Louis Milito
another one of George with Brooke Anderson (from Insider)

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Just a few things from the 'Karma to Burn' promo pictures:

DB/Sara pictures: I know the term 'conflict of interest' is largely ignored nowadays so I'm looking at this with two mind-sets. Scenario A: DB and Sara work the scene. *groan* Can't they at least send DB to Ecklie's scene? Scenario B: Sara is working the scene with DB acting as a 'witness' which at least somewhat respects the conflict of interest which was thrown around in the earlier seasons. I still think A is more likely though.

DB/Brass/McKeen pictures: I'm hoping that this is an early confrontation, probably DB trying to get his granddaughter's whereabouts, as opposed to a final showdown, which should be Nick's affair if anything. I really hope they don't have McKeen escape. (If he does his death is pretty much certain.)

If they're going to kill him off, do something such as Nick gunning him down as he TRIES to escape. ('Homecoming' strongly hinted a Nick/McKeen showdown to come.) But ideally I'd prefer him put back in jail, possibly McKeen trying to make Nick shoot him but Nick backing down being the 'better man'. (Similar to 'For Warrick'.)

Finn pictures: Well, looks like Finn gets captured which removes my worries of her being some kind of martial artist and fighting off her kidnappers. But the pictures of the granddaughter crawling away have me rolling my eyes because it appears the kidnappers are incredibly stupid as well.

I just hope that the Ecklie storyline, the LVPD investigation storyline and Nick's storyline are good, because I can tell there's a lot I'm not going to like about the premiere from these photos alone. As far as post-cliffhanger openers go, let's hope this is more along the lines of 'For Warrick' and not 'Dead Doll'.

Despite my cynicism, I really do like the sound of the following episodes and I can't wait for the show to get back to solving normal crimes again. I look forward to hearing about those ones. :)
The things I am looking forward to in this season is Sara discussing her relationship with her husband. (that still sounds weird to say "Sara and her husband") The other thing I am hoping they keep their word on is Sara's mother. I can't even imagine how that one will play out. Will she be involved in a crime and Sara doesn't know she is even in Vegas or maybe she will just appear at the lab or at Sara's doorstep.
What's weird is that when I saw the pix of Nick beat up (before George told us what happened) I envisioned Nick being tossed into some warehouse with Kaitlyn and helping her to escape through an air vent high up into the wall but couldn't go with her since he wouldn't fit.

He told her to find the women with short skirts (prostitutes) and tell them CSI Nick was in trouble (until one who knew him called Brass).

Meanwhile the thugs found out Kaitlyn had escaped and beat Nick up then put him in a car with intent to kill him and dump his body.
According to some scoops Nick will have a great storyline and more personal about his feelings, Sara will take part in that ;) Curious to see all of that stuff !