Ryan/Natalia-- The unwanted love?

Okay, I've had the week to cool off from the whole "No Natalia for an amount of episodes" crud... She's back this weekend. There better be some great pairing scenes or I just might blow a freaking fuse or something... lol.
I was upset about that as well GG. I gave CBS a piece of my mind (not that I could spare it):lol:. I'm really disappointed in the amount of screentime for both characters; especially the lack of interaction between Ryan/Natalia, and then the interview with Eva. She was asked about a romantic involvement with a character on the show and she said she didn't think it was going to happen (not exact words). It seemed as if she was disappointed with everything. JMHO.
Well we got a pass in front of Ryan at the end of the episode last night. Sarcastic WOOHOO!!!:guffaw:We are not even getting the Ryan, Walter, and Natalia scenes; I could live with even that little bit of interaction. But nothing. I know I am more than a little discouraged; but there is still some hope.:thumbsup:
Come on, next week's episode! *rolls the craps dice* ... <--- I believe that was appropriate for next week, lol.

But, NOOOOOOO interaction except for the ending (which was pretty cute, but still! it wasn't even cap worthy!)

*breathing* I have hope... lots of it. ... I think.
It is such a shame about Eva's reduced screentime. This season had seemed so promising. It does seem like Eva is very disappointed with the situation, and rightly so. Ah weel, keep that hope going, Goonie. We always have your excellent fanfic!
Yes!Yes! I am reading the wonderful fanfics. Just to keep the hope alive. GG I did notice (however small the scene), Natalia stood close to Ryan and then she walked in front of him. In my shippers mind; she was just trying to get his attention.:lol:
Scenes! We had scenes! (2 to be exact). Granted, they weren't like the ones from eps 1 & 2 quality wise...but it was something!

I was pleased, =).

Also, thanks for the fanfic mention, solitaire and slower. I'm currently in the process of revamping the newest one... so stayed tune! (sorry for the brief ot, mods)
I was excited by the scenes. Is it my imagination or does Ryan like to stand really close to Natalia?:luvlove: I really do think TPTB is teasing us a bit. IMO it will happen; but (as I have said) not until they resolve other relationship issues.
~ There's not much so far. Calleigh has scenes with Ryan and Walter. Natalia has a few scenes with Ryan. You've got your Eric/Horatio flavor of the week, too.

Thought it was funny how that was specifically put in the spoilers, lol.
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Oops! We apologize for that! Thank you for letting us know, =).

Lol, I'm figuring they noticed how well the two scenes from eps one and two went with the fans. (It would make sense that the eps after didn't have any because they wrote those before they saw any fan reaction.) Hopefully these future scenes will be just as adorable and RaiN worthy as previous ones.
I couldn't really care less in regard to whatever any episode is about, I'd rather see Ryan/Natalia scenes, I just love those two together, Eva and Jon have wonderful chemistry.