Ryan/Natalia-- The unwanted love?

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Natalia and Ryan
°*°*°*All he needs is a pretty one- with her he gets so much more°*°*°*

Honestly you have to admit the attraction between them
Has always been there from the first episode.
Remember the scene when Natalia introduced herself to Calleigh and Ryan
He flirted with her.
In Three Ways Natalia took Ryan’s side.
She defended him when Eric was thinking he paied Erica for getting on TV.
Natalia was upset when she talked in Nailed with Calleigh about Ryan’s accident.
Ryan kind of saved Natalia’s life in Urban Hellraisers ‘cause he told Horatio
Where the killers would be next. So Horatio saved Natalia.
They were kind of working together in Shattered.
Ryan allowed Natalia to enter the crime scene.
He stayed cool when she accidental stepped on evidence.
He knows where she lives
And in Three Ways he told Alexx he was just going out with Erica
‘cause she was really pretty.
Natalia is a lot more than just pretty.
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All you make sure good arguments... I'm afraid because of it, I have now listed them as a Ship I support :lol:
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I don't know why all those ryan fans
don't want them to be a ship.
I mean who else do they want as his girlfriend.
Or do they want him to die all alone.

I don't see a special attraction between them.
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I just think everyone who likes ryan
should be happy he's happy
which he seems to be in her present
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I know I think that they would totaly make a good couple and that they would be happy. I think we should make icons/banners saying "I support the Ryan/Boa ship"
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I'll make em tonight while i'm doing my homework or you guys can make some too. We'll just pic the ones we like the best.
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I've made one. But it's not that good 'cause I just wanted it to be simple and quick...
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I know it seems like we are the only two. I'll get the icons and stuff done soon, i've been uber busy