Ryan/Jon #25 - Wolfe's Den

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Welcome to the 25th Ryan/Jon thread!


Our last thread went fast and now we're on a new one. Woo-hoo!



Stolen from previous threads...

Inge's Suggestions for viewing Jonathan Togo pics:
1. Always remember: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

2. Don't eat or drink while you are watching the pics. Otherwise you're in danger.

3. Tell someone what you are doing and this person should check on you every five minutes or so. Note: This person should be able to call 911.

4. Be sure that in case of fading or fainting that you have a cozy place to land. Place some pillows on the floor, for example, or tie yourself to the chair.

Life_style's Guide to 'The Togo Fan's Proper Techniques For Viewing CSI: Miami:'

1. It is also important to add that someone should be present while you watch CSI Miami, but that it is illegal for them to talk during Togo's parts. Preferably a doctor of some kind, so that he or she could regularly check your breathing etc.

2. Bring a bucket or some tissues, because there will be major drooling going on when you watch an eppy or some pics. You don't want to ruin your clothes, or the floor or something.

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Re: Ryan/Jon #25

That's a cute pic. What ep is that from? Is that from the one where he and Natalia were checking the pipes for a weapon or something?

Sorry that I didn't post a pic. I didn't have one handy. :lol:
Re: Ryan/Jon #25

Holy moly another new thread already? We go so fast.

GNRF that picture is from Flight Risk. :D

Anyways, yay for us! New thread! I voted for Keeps a Lickin' and Keeps On Tickin'. :D
Re: Ryan/Jon #25

Thanks. I couldn't remember the name of the ep. I'm terrible with episode names. :lol:

I hope I left the poll open long enough. I wasn't sure about how long to leave it open, so I set it on 10 days. :)
Re: Ryan/Jon #25

Ahoy! :D

GNRF, I love all your happy little bouncing smilies :lol:
Yay for the new thread. I hope this one will be full of Ryan related episode chatter. *crosses fingers & toes* :thumbsup:
Re: Ryan/Jon #25

Yay for the new thread. I hope this one will be full of Ryan related episode chatter. *crosses fingers & toes* :thumbsup:

From your post to tptb's eyes. :)

Ah I should have added "Ahoy" as one of the thread title choices. :lol: Oh well... too late now. :lol:
Re: Ryan/Jon #25

Love the pictures Kristine and greatfan, they're fantastic! :) He looks especially hot in that pink shirt :D

And congrats on the new thread everyone! Here's to another 1,000 great posts about Ryan and Jon :beer:
Re: Ryan/Jon #25

woo new thread! :beer:

nice pictures too. gunporn shot brought a smile to my face! i miss the season 7 hair:/
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