Quiz Thread #6

Rhymes with ite. I got 24/36

Images that start with V. I got 14/20 and one of those was the hard one to spell :)

Word Library. All with 37 seconds left.
Rhymes with ite. 12/36... oops! But can I use me not being English as a defense? :D

Images that start with V. 15/20... I really didn't know how to spell the dinosaurs one!

Word Library. Eh... do I have to tell you? 8/20... *deeply ashamed*
Superhero by images. I got 7/30

Scrabble tile values. I got 16/27. Problem is I play Words with Friends and they have different values.

Q and R TV shows. I got 7/20
Superhero by Image - 6/30... Surprised I actually got 6 right! ;)

Scrabble Tile Values - 9/27... but I think some values may be different from a Dutch game???

Q and R TV Shows by Picture - 2/20... Never mind! :guffaw:
Some quizzes to cheer up sad Nick fans. *sigh* :(

Alive for Five - 14/20
Missing Word: "and" Movies - 19/22
Rhymes with Dane - 29/40
Alive for five. I got 15/20

Missing Words. I got 11/22

Rhymes with Dane. I got 18/40 plus 2 proper names and 1 UK dialect.
Straight to the USA - 23/77 - nothing puts a big black hole in my head faster than asking for country names. :lol:

Images that start with "W" - 16/20 - if it was an animal I didn't get it. :lol:

Clicktion on the fiction - 20/25 - and I think I've only read 3 or 4 of those! :eek:

Badly Misspelled Signs. 24/40

Big Bang Theory. 9/15. Not bad when you consider I've never watched the show.

Board Games. 8/20
Badly Misspelled Signs - 40/40 with 2:38 left.
Sheldon Cooper True or False - 15/15 with 2:21 left. Love Sheldon! :lol:
Board Game Close Up - 13/20 Never heard of the others.