Quiz Thread #6

Things that begin with a 'B'. I got 25/30

Missing 'R' Word. I got 9/18

CSI Women. I got 7/10 and I disagree with one of the answers I got wrong.
Things that begin with a 'B'. 21/30 (Those logos... we have none but the first in Sweden. xD)
Missing 'R' Word. 9/18
CSI Women. 8/10 - Guessed everything concerning the later seasons that I haven't seen.
Multiple Guess Weather - 87/100
Word Ladder: Oldies - 18/15 with 1:04 left
Famous Georges - 15/18
Multiple Guess Weather - 87/100 (Didn't even try. I'm from Sweden, we don't have the same words, and it's not like I've ever studied meteorology in English...)
Word Ladder: Oldies - 13/18
Famous Georges - 5/18 (Well, I was bad at that...)
Trading Places Television - 17/21 Ran out of time...too much thinking. :lol:
Parts of a Ship - 24/26
Hello...My Name Is - 19/25
Trading Places: Television - 21/21 with 1:24 left! :D

Parts of a Ship - 25/26 - I've got an Uncle who sells boats in Florida for a living... and I still managed to mix up 'port' and 'starboard'. :lol:

Hello, My Name Is - 15/25

Words that Rhyme with ITE - 19/36
Images that Start with V - 17/20
Word Ladder: Library - 20/20 with :42 left