Quiz Thread #5

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Yay...something to entertain me. :)

TV Name Swap - 31/40
Word Ladder - 15/15 with 1:08 left
Missing Words - 23/26
TV Name Swap - 24/40 - and the last one which I knew but couldn't spell!

Word Ladder - 15/15 with .02 left :alienblush:

Missing Word - 25/26 - and I've only seen 4 of those.

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The Fibonacci Sequence - 10/10 - ok, so that was easier than its sounds like it should be. :lol:

with some work I got the link to work. I got 7/10

And especially for us George/Nick fans (and the whole reason I went and found 2 more):
How well do you know George Eads? - 12/16 - :( :alienblush: :alienblush: :alienblush: or as it says...
Your Score: 75%

and you call yourself a Ward Girl :eek: :D

that's ok cause I got 13/16 or 81% which is a B

oh yeah and the typing quiz I got 28/52. Having troubles with mixing up the letters is not good in a quiz like this :)
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Typing Challenge - 39/52
The Fibbonacci Sequence - 8/10 I'm just glad that word wasn't on the typing test! :lol:
How Well Do You Know the Fabulous and Hunky George Eads? - 81% B :)
Typing Challenge - 44/52 - I spent the first half of it just waiting for 'injury' to show up :lol:

The Fibonacci Sequence - 10/10 - thanks to the last question :D

How well do you know George Eads? - 14/16 (87% - B)
TV Name Swap - 20/40
Word Ladder - 14/15
Missing Words - 24/26
Typing Challenge - 49/52
The Fibonacci Sequence - 9/10 (it's late here!!)
How Well Do You Know George Eads? 6/16 and they were mostly guesses so not very well at all!
Missing Word - 12/22

Faces on Time(1980's) - 13/45 - not so good, but I'm just happy I spelled one right (first try too!)

TV Shows by Actor/Actress - 46/80
Missing word - 19/22 - would it show my age to say that back in the days that I actually had HBO only 2 of those were on the air! :lol:

Faces in Time - 15/45 - amazing trouble putting names to the faces I recognized. :(

TV Show by Actor/Actress - 40/80 :)

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