Quiz Thread #5

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Ward Girl
It's that time again to start a new Quiz Thread.

A few rules to remember. When posting quizzes please post three at a time. Also when answering quizzes please answer three. We are not here to judge people on their answers or quizzes. We are here to have FUN :) So take a chance and answer some quizzes from areas you know nothing about. You might surprise yourself with the amount of knowledge you have :)

Previous quizzes #3, #4

And what better way to start the thread off but with some quizzes :)

Cartoon Surnames. I knew 2 and surprised myself with 2 more :D 4/20

Australian Foreign-born population I got 13/24

3+billboards #1 I got 25/93. I would have got more if real life hadn't interfered :D
Cartoon surnames? 5/20 - Barney, Linus, Tommy, Arthur, & Elmer!

Australian foreign born population? 12/24 - was typing in any place I could think of when I thought of it. :lol:

3+ Billboard #1's? 32/95 - that pushed my musical memory to it's limits. (my favorite band only had 1 #1)

Oh, haven't done quizzes for ages:

Cartoon Surname: 2/20 - wow it was surprising again how bad my name memory is:lol:

Australian Foreing Born Population: 17/24 simply guessing

3+ Billboard #1's - 39/95
Surnames of cartoon characters: 5/20

Australian Foreign Born: 12/24

Artist with 3+ billboard #1s: 36/95 Does singing the song to picture the artist, in hopes of thinking of the name, count? :lol:
How Canadian are you? 83% - Not bad since I'm not Canadian ;)

Which CSI Character are you? Nick Stokes

How American are you? 82% - That was a strange test...
How Canadian are you?: 69%

Which CSI are you?: Sara Sidle Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:wtf:

How American are you?: 93% :shifty: Funny, I was born in America, you'd think I would be 100% American :rolleyes:
How Canadian are you? 59% - It say's I'm Canadian but I live too close to the American border and watch too much American TV. :lol: (I watch 3 TV shows a week! :lol:)

which CSI character are you? Nick Stokes :D

How American are you? 96% - born and raised here! :thumbsup:

Which CSI are you?: Sara Sidle Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:wtf:

No speedy that is not good. Nick won't be a happy camper when he finds out :lol:

I'm also pleased to see that my Canadian quizzes are helping you all be come Canadians :D
How Canadian Are You? 35% Well I've lived in the US my whole life so no suprise there

Which CSI Character Are You?
Greg Sanders :adore:

How American Are You?
77% Geez I thought I would do better then that
I'm 60% Canadian. SERIOUSLY? XD YAY! \o/!

I got Nick Stokes on which CSI character are you? :D YAY

And I'm 78% American. :D:D:D:D YAY
I haven't played these in forever!

Name the States by the Capitals - 50/50 with 17 seconds left! Whew! :lol:
Impossible Quiz - Was impossible for me!
Things from Star Wars - 7/20
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