Quiz Thread #4

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Europe by Capitals - 41/47

Disney Leading Ladies - 12/14

Younger Celebrities - 4/24 - I thought one of those pictures was a girl. Turns out it wasn't :lol:
Europe by Capital: 31/47

Disney Leading Ladies: 5/14 - beyond Peter Pan, I haven't seen any of those!

Younger Celebs: 15/24

Europe by Capitals 21/47

Disney leading ladies 13/14

Younger Celebs 23/24 didn't get jason bateman :lol: surprised i got all of them, but i watch E! too much :p
Words for "Diverse": 20/44

Words that have "night(s)" in them: 17/26

Words that rhyme: 3/16 - I do logic puzzles easily but I can't handle these! :wtf:

Words for Diverse. I got 12/44

Words with Night in them. I got 17/26

Rhyme words. I got 1/16 :eek: brain is clearly not functioning yet :D
Most visited cities: 17/40 - typed in any city I knew the name of and had a lot of trouble with spelling. :lol:

Homonyms: 19/20 - the one I missed is rather embarassing! :alienblush:

Actors/Actresses starring in both TV series: 11/26

Haven't been here in quite some time. Missing the fun! :)

Words from Diverse - 17/44
Night Words - 19/26
Words that Rhyme - 12/16

Most Visited Cities - 14/40
Homonyms - 19/20
Actor or actress who starred in both U.S. TV series - 22/26
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