Quiz Thread #4

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Wild Quiz - 12/22

Most Common Passwords - 7/20 - Gee, people aren't very creative are they?

Richest Fictional Characters - 9/15
The Wild Quiz. I got 11/22

Passwords. I gave up. I would never have thought of those

Rich Fictional characters. I got 7/15
Terms with "Wild": 10/22 Good thing George Eads did Evel Knievel otherwise I might have missed one :thumbsup:

Most Used passwords: 6/20

Forbe's Richest Characters: 3/15
Transplantable organs: 6/6 with :19 left - took a wild guess for one of them! :lol:

Terms that end with "ace": 12/16

Words from "SPORCLE": 46/85 - for some reason I missed most of the 4-letter words. :alienblush:

Transplantable organs. I had 33 seconds left

terms that end in ace. I got 11/16

Words for Sporcle I got 14/85 :eek:
Hi y'all, been a very long time since been here and looks like you guys are still goin strong lol

Mary Poppin 9/10 Urban Legends 8/10 Disney/Pixar 10/10 Supernatural Season 1 10/10

A Mixture of disney movies 10/10 Superstitions 9/13 Grease 9/10 i missed the prinicples name

M*A*S*H 5/10 Can You Name All the U.S Presidents 17/44 (does it count im Canadian? lol)

Name all the Pixar Movies 8/10 Name the 7 Dwarfs 6/7 Canadian Provinces 13/13 in 3:19/4

Songs of Disney/Pixar Movies 21/32 Movies from Posters 17/24 Cartoon Couples 19/22

Movies from the portion of the poster 15/24 War Movies 14/31 i knew the movies but not the actors so i sucked lol
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Common spouses: 8/22 - not something I really pay attention to.

Flattest countries: 4/25 - :eek: That would have only been 3 if it wasn't for Hurricane Bill helping me remember one. :lol:

Beginning and ending with "L": 11/17

Common spouses: 18/22

World's flattest countries: 1/25 I'm so ashamed :(

Words that begin and end in 'L': 4/17 Now if I had read it correctly, that the words started with an 'L' too, I might have done better. :lol:
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