Quiz Thread #4

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Greg Antics - 9/10

Can you name the World's major bodies of water? - 57/82

Can you name the countries of origin of foreign-born UK residents? - 18/26
Greg Antics: 8/10

Worlds Major Bodies of Water: 31/82 - Wonder if anybody's gotten close to the 82?

Countries of Origin of Foreign-born residents of the U.K.: 10/26

Greg Antics: 5/10
Name the Major Bodies of water: 20/82 There's 82 of them? Who had to learn that in school? :wtf:
Prevalent coutries of orgin of foreign born in UK: 14/26

Things that end in 'Z': 16/24
Can you name the office languages of the European Union: 6/23 That would be a no
Can you name the TV Shows from the quotes below?: 8/13
Words ending in "z" - 14/24

Official languages of the E.U. - 9/23 - nope! not really. :lol:

TV shows from quotes - 7/13 - Didn't/don't watch but 1 of the ones I missed. :lol:

Greg antics 10/10

Can you name the world's major bodies of water 21/82 evidently not :lol:

Prevalent countries of origin for foreign-born residents of the UK 15/26 - award for the longest quiz title me thinks :D

Things that end in Z 13/24

Official languages of the EU 14/23

Quotes from TV shows 9/13
Can you name the Kellogg's cereals - 17/23 - I'm a cashier, I see a lot of cereal

Can you name the common word that preceds the following words - 12/20

Can you name the cities by their skyline - 13/16 - I like skylines :)
Cereals I got 7/23. I don't buy any of these types of cereals anymore so I'm out of touch with the types

words that precede I got 6/20 :eek:

Skylines I got 7/16
Kellogg's Cereal: 12/23 Not bad considering I don't eat some of them

Common word that precedes: 12/20

Skylines: 8/16 Never would've guessed the ones I've missed
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