Quiz Thread #3

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Ugh, I kept getting SQL errors. Which means I'll edit these once the problems sort themselves out.

Posters - 110
Music - 20
Phrase - 160
Movie Posters I got 110 and had 1 chance left but I kept getting the server problem everyone else seems to be getting

Music quiz I got 10 with 1 chance left

Phrase fun I got 120 with 1 chance left.

This were fun quizzes but I found it interesting that the server had problems when you had 1 chance left :mad:
Fun, expecially liked the movie poster one, but I'm with Jacquie. It's interesting that the server error came up every time I had one chance left.

Movie Posters 120 with 1 chance left
Random Music 90 with 1 chance left
Phrase Fun 80 with 1 chance left

Movie Posters 220 (Until the page quit loading)
Random Music (would not load)
Phrase Fun 310 (until it stopped loading)
Oh, how fun!

Movie : 200 (2 chances left)
Music: 100 (2 chances left)
Phrases: 360 ( all chances left) (until I had to go) :lol:

I had a great laugh, I guess words are my speciality...
Dead or Canadian: 16/20

I'm embarrased that I got the Obi Wan question wrong! :eek: I know Star Wars better than that.

DaWacko said:
Alrighty. Hear me.

Whoever posts a quiz here, please make it three quiz per post. Just gives bit more content to posts ;)

So it's like

Quiz 1 click here
Quiz 2 click here
Quiz 3 click here

Thank you!

Please note the above instructions regarding this thread and be sure to follow them in the future. Thank you. :)
All About Cats: 7/15 (I've only owned a cat my whole life!)

Famous Canines pt1: 9/15

Those Cute Baby Animals: 4/10 (never heard of most of them)

All About Cats: 8/15 (I've always owned cats too, and I still had to guess at most of the answers)

Famous Canines: 4/15 (I completely sucked at that one)

Cute Baby Animals: 6/10
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