Quiz Thread #3

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Germ Quiz: 5/11
How Well Do You Know Your Body: 7/11
Medical History: 4/10

Can you tell my future doesn't lie in the medical science areas! :lol:

Germ Quiz: 8/11
How well Do You Know Your Body: 10/11
Medical History: 3/10

Yep ... I sucked on that last quiz. Color me embarrassed. :eek:
Canada Kicks Butt I got 10/10
You Went Where I got 5/10
The Lake District - 3/10
Jewish Holidays 5/10
Winter Quiz - 6/10
Germ Quiz 9/11
How Well Do You Know Your Body? - 9/11
Medicial History - 7/10
Novice Christmas Quiz - 6/10

Well, I'm caught up for now!
Wow I totally surprised myself with that quiz. I got 58% :)

Great quiz that_girl1 but jsut remember we've been asked to submit 3 quizzes at once to help cut down on the spamming :)
Do you remember 2007? obviously not, i got 30%. but as most of that stuff was about the USA i'm not surprised...no-one talked about it here :rolleyes:
Do you remember 2007-52%

ok don't read unless you've taken the quiz about 2007

okay so the most dangerous city in the US is Detroit, Michigan well i want to go into forensic science and Kaplan is a good collage for it. well there are many Kaplan collages (like the big one is in Callifornia but they have like sister collages i think there called in other parts of the country anyway) the closest one to me which i was a little iffy about applying there was Kaplan Detroit...i think thats funny since its the #1 most dangerous city and they have a school for forensic science there....maybe i should find another kaplan...lol sorry i just found that very funny
Do you remember 2007? - 60%

I second guessed myself out of 4 correct answers! :rolleyes: But 60% is pretty good for me. I think that just about everybody on this site should get #36 correct. Granted I am a NASCAR fan but they should have phrased the question differently. You don't have to be that much of a fan to know which race they're talking about.

Should auld quizzes be forgot - obviously! i got 3/10 :lol:
The month of January 5/10
The Lunar New Year 10/10 :D surprised myself
Should Auld Quizzes be Forgot!: 5/10 (probably!)
The Month of January: 4/10
The Lunar New Year: 7/10 (second guessed myself out of 2 right answers)

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