Question for all Middle/High School students

My teachers either throw them away, or read off who hasn't turned their assinment in, or they put them on a desk and tell the students to look to see if it is theirs. It depends on what teacher it is though.
My teachers, either they know the handwriting, or they ask whether we recognize it but most of them when they are counting the tests they take a look
Most of my teachers either would pass it around to see if we knew who's writing it was. Or put it in a pile on their desk and then after handing back the assignments would tell those that didn't get one back to come look through the pile to see if yours was there. They never usually took points off.
in our year, there's an average of 46 students per class. And it's a general rule in my school that if your paper has no name, then it will automatically be disregarded, no questions asked. Besides, who the heck would forget to write their name on their paper? There's a space right on top for your name (at least there are here) :)
I must admit im terrible guilty of forgetting to put my name on my work.
I dont know why i just never seem to do it. My teachers just mark it and give it back to me. They know its mines because i have such awful handwritting.
Well my teachers sometimes know the writing of no-name papers. Like in the off chance I forget to put my name on mine, the teacher either writes it for me, or asks me if it's mine and give me the grade.

I know a lot of teachers who don't just throw them away though.Most of the time if they can't figure it out it'll be in a box somewhere in the class of no name papers.
They never take points off, and I don't really see the reason for them to do so anyway. xD
When I was in school, assignments without names met the waste bin. Now I'm currently a teacher. When turning things in, I make my students place it in a certain stack then at the end of the period I take up that specific stack. I look through them and count who has names on them and who doesn't. I'll separate them then call out who does have their name on it.

But then again many of my students forget their homework.

I don't take any points off unless it is a day late or after that exact period. Usually my students are honest knowing not to get on my bad side and tell the truth. I also know research topics/handwriting of theirs just for safety measures.
Back when I was in high school I had hilarious teachers who were always sarcastic about no name papers. Being strict about it doesn't work nor does it make students respect or like you.
My teachers always treated No Name as an actual person and he sort of developped a personality over the years. No Name was usually pretty smart but he was shy. It always made for some good laughs and usually that would get the attention of whoevers paper it actually was.
In french class however, Sans Nom did pretty poorly over the year. I wonder if he passed. I miss him.