places you want to see

Solitaire, are you going to Barcelona next month? Me too. :D At first I wasn't really all that excited about going, but I've been speaking to loads of people who have been, and they all assure me that it is an amazing city, with lots of great architecture, so I'm beinging to become rather excited. :D
I'd love to see the Grand Canyon and actually will be doing on the 28th April this year.

I'd love to visit Austria no idea why but I always have done

Also I'd love to go to New York
I want to go EVERYWHERE! :D Really, I do. I want to go so many places as possible before I die! I might be going to Turkey (again) this summer :] God, I love that my family likes to travel!
i'm so excited! tomorrow i'm going to book a trip to the US, i'm going to go to chicago, then get a train to san francisco, then drive to LA, and then come home - although i may not want to ;)