Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

LOL yep it does reminds you of the blog scene :lol: Personally I don't see Jonathan's resemblance to Jake (other then... well they're both hot :rolleyes: :p) But I happen to love both of them (and Eric Szmanda... see my guy type pattern here? :lol:) It still amuses me that they mention Jake in that scene.
Oh, and thanks :) Gotta say, btw, that I LOVE your icon! :D

R_wolfe_is_OMG, you're right and deserve a cookie! *applause* Here's your cookie *hands a handful of cookies* because you also guessed the movie right :D Gotta love Jarhead for a shirtless Jake...

Miss_Undercover, I don't ship DNA but great manip! (and yes, Jon as Bond is hot... suits and gun!porn :devil:)

Thanks cofi_shot :)
Silhouette, you are the queen of manipulations! They look so real and I really like the pictures you've used :) I really like this one. How'd you get the lighting like that?
OMG Silhouette those Togo pics r SOOO HOT. lol dang R_wolfe_is_OMG i wanted a cookie :lol: Way to go on winning :D enjoy the cookie :lol:
It's not the manip that's hot... it's the guy :lol: :D

Lauw, thanks. I usually do spend hours and hours trying to find the right pics to use... good thing the guy's hot so I don't feel tired :p only maybe I get a bit dehydrated bcuz of all the excessive drooling :lol:

About the lighting... First I try to match the skin color. Then I just lower the brightness/levels a bit, and then use burn tool to create shadows. Comparing with where the lights and shadows hit Daniel Craig's face in the real poster, and I just imitate it :) Mostly just experimenting. Hmm sounds like you're interested in maniping? ;) *throws manip bunny at Lauw* You know you want it :devil: :D

You can get a cookie too, Raging4Ryan (is that you, bulletgirl?) *hands cookies* :D

Hmm getting a lot of hot shirtless guys in here now, are we Miss_U? ;) Not that I mind :devil: Hott manip...
Thanks for the tip :) I'm already in to manipulating. In fact, I've posted a few on this thread. I'm just not as good as you are ;) :D
:eek: Really? Omg I didn't notice! Haven't checked this thread for ages :rolleyes: I should probably read/scan through this thread again (I miss a lot), and check yours out... I'm sure your manips are great :D

And no worries, glad to answer :) Maniping is so fun eh? I second butterflylove206, what would we do without photoshop? :D
Silhouette said:
You can get a cookie too, Raging4Ryan (is that you, bulletgirl?) *hands cookies* :D

:lol: thanks for the cookie and yes i am bulletgirl91 changed my name lot of bullet girls on the thread :lol:

I didnt have to do much photo shopping for this one but i didnt get Any response to these pics in the togo thread so ill post 1 here
One of Our Own

hope yall like it
^^I like it!! :D That's one of my fave pic of OOOO. He just looks so hot... *drools*

Raging4Ryan said:
I didnt have to do much photo shopping for this one but i didnt get Any response to these pics in the togo thread so ill post 1 here
Awwwwww *huggles* I know how that feels. There were times when I post something and no one responds :(

You posted it in the Jon/Ryan thread too? Cause I think I've missed it *puts head down in shame for being a bad fellow Togoholic* Everyone just posted so fast that I have to scroll really fast to get a sense of what everyone's talking about :rolleyes: It's confusing. Togoholics need to slow down a bit but I know they can't! :lol:

Anyway, by all means, KEEP THE TOGO PICS COMING!!! You can't get enough of them :)
Yeah i posted it in the Togo thread only Athlov responded to it.Thanks for the hug :D I know they post so fast its hard to catch up but I love being a Togoholic lol
Heres the pic that took me an hour to do
Sound of Silence

Hope yall enjoy :D
i would just like to say that your manips are awesome! i dont have the software to do those, although i have an about the tent scene from brokeback mountain for nick and greg, or such like? what do you think? sorry if it has already been done. :)
^^^ That is a brilliant idea!! :lol: I will probably fall to the floor and squeal until i can't breathe. :lol:
catwarfan said:
Hey All I usually do wallpapers and such but I found this gorgeous brush set over at Deviant Art so I had to try it out.

The paintbrush is by AzurylipfesStock. The brushes can be found here

I'm not sure if I can post the whole image here so I'll add a link its 500x500. It's a pic of Sara.
Gothic Sara

Hope you like.

Take Care,

I have to ask:
I know that THAT post was from like the second or third page, but is THIS:
The original pic of Jorja Fox you used? Cos I think it is... whatever, the pic was ah-mazing anyway =)

Edited to show up the image as url - image posting is first possible after achieving 100 posts ;)