Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

thank you so much Miss_Undercover :) :) :) I have some more manips, will post them later when I have more time to upload them :D

PS: really? that's cool :)
I love them, Lauw. :)

Ok, I did my first manip. it sucks, I know, but the original pic was a .gif pic so I couldn't edit it in PS. So that's why the quality of the Marg-pic sucks too.

Marg Simpson *lame*
OMG!! Greg was a very fat baby!! Sara & CATherine's cat-like eyes are really freaky...good job. :lol:
I think those manipulations are going to give me nightmares, Lauw. :eek: But they are cool. And kristy87 your Grissom/Sara pictures are beautifully done. :)

God I just feel awful now, I made these Miami manipulations a while ago, and while Alexx came out okay, Calleigh looked terrible! (AND it looks fine on my desktop! I hate Photobucket! :mad: The picture got distorted or blurred, or something. If anyone knows how to fix the problem, I shall be eternally grateful!)

So... here's Alexx from CSI:Miami. Part of my "fantasy" series. Just the girls of CSI.
She's a sort of bird caller
And here's Calleigh. I could just cry... :( it's not supposed to look so... blurred. I really worked hard on this one too.
Calleigh as a sun goddess.