Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Heres a little something I hope you'll enjoy...


what can I say, I was bored. :lol:
Hey, is anyone up to the challenge of making a Talleigh manip? I have cookies! lol I don't think I've ever seen a Talleigh manip, and God knows I'm horrible at them! lol
Hi, I `m new here but I often check this out and I really like what you do here ...

here is my view on Miami character if they were in "SIN CITY"



the link


i have other characters from Miami if you want I ` ll show them to you :)
your manipolation are very funny...I don't know that there is a new a variation of Squeertle??? :D

congratulations for your works! :D
All these manips are great!!! :)

I was going through my photobucket albums and I came across these 2 manips from a long time ago:


And for this one because there is a new Lindsey, I had to edit it.