And you saying that just reminded me (not that my sister hasn't constantly) that in 12 days she and I will be meeting Elliott again (as long as nothing goes wrong).

:lol: ok...I'll admit to being jealous...I'd love to meet him just once. I hope nothing goes wrong for you. That's very cool that you'll get to meet him again.

Did ya see Happy Hour? Elliott wrecked his primary car, and they had to get the backup out. :(
I read on that he wrecked his car. I've been at work since 6P. & haven't gotten to see any TV. I just hope the rest of the weekend goes better.

The biggest thing that could happen that day is I go to bed after working the night before & not get up in time to go. But I'm sure my sister won't let that happen. I'll probably just as nervous this time as I was last time.

Roughly 10 years ago I could have met Rusty in NC when my family was going thru the area on the way back from Florida, but my parents didn't stop after I told them. I still use it as revenge against them.
I read on that he wrecked his car. I've been at work since 6P. & haven't gotten to see any TV. I just hope the rest of the weekend goes better.

Oh man, me too! He sure doesn't need to lose anyore points! :(

I've met several drivers over the years....mostly CTS and Busch driver at the Memphis races. I did get to meet Richard Petty once. Oh, and Kevin Harvick back when he ran the Trucks....I'd have to get my books out to see who else.
I think the only Cup driver I've "met" is Kasey Kahne... I've seen others and have some autographs but Kasey is the only one I've met. The other drivers I've met are from Busch... hehe Jon Wood and Reed Sorenson :D along with a few others
I have the late Kenny Irwin and Adam Petty's autographs, never got to meet either of them. :( I have Kyle Petty's autograph too now that I think of it....

Congrats to Jamie for getting the pole...btw :D
so what did anyone think of Sunday's race? I thought it was kinda boring at times... My guys did decent except for Kasey :( and he was having a good run too...
ehhh, I thought it was pretty boring too, and Elliott finished 16th, which I guess isn't bad considering he started in the back in a backup car...I liked the first Pocono race this season, though, lol.
I was so happy that McMurray got the pole. My dad had to tell me to shut up I don't know how many times.

I was mad when Carl Edwards bumped Kasey Kahne :(
Re: Wallace family tribute race: It was cool that Mike Wallace got 2nd in the Busch race. (I just read the results as I work at least my night job if not both jobs on Sat.) But, what happened to Rusty Wallace's car?

Oh, and it looks like Justin Labonte is doing a bit better. It looked like he was as cursed as his uncle's been most of the season for a while there.
But, what happened to Rusty Wallace's car?

If I remember correctly he got bumped by Jon Wood...and Kenny got involved in a couple scrapes, neither of his own doing.

I was glad to see Reed win, and it was awesome that Mike Wallace finished 2nd. :D
Who is suprised? Stewart wins again. Congrats to him and the Home Depot team, even though he took the points lead from my Jimmie...
I was disappointed Elliott, Kasey or Brian didn't win. Congrats to Tony and the Home Depot team though...I am glad he didn't try to climb the entire fence this time, lol...that would've been quite a climb.

Now please allow me a few minutes to cry over the fact that Elliott is now 12th in the points....I'm sure Beth will join me when she gets here. :(