:lol: I have a dry erase board where I write these things down, but if you forget to write it on the board, then it doesn't serve much purpose....

Wonder if I've missed all the repeats?
I just looked at The Golf Channel site and TV and it looks like it will be shown a few more times:

Thurs. July 21 3:00P.
Sun. July 24 3:30A.
(My guess is EST)
a-ha! YES!!! :D :D :D

Thank you, DannyFan05!! *big hug*

let me just write that down right now....
I didn't get to watch the golf challange when it came on the first time, but I will when it does.

Thursday Night: Beyond the Wheel-Jamie McMurray

I can't wait to watch it!!!!
He's a really goo driver. At first I thought that he was a smart-ellic and stuck up, but now I think he's cool.

My dad got to meet him and I was so mad
Oh, I would never deny Tony's talent. He's one of the best out there today. I just have issues with him sometimes. But like I said, he's ok with me right now. :D
Tony is the BEST all around driver these days.

He can drive stock cars, indy cars, sprint cars, modifieds, and dirt cars. And he does allnot just mediocre but AWESOME.

He is just totally awesome in his talent.
He might be at the racepark somewhere by St.Louis. I can't remember what the town is called, but Dale Jr, Martin Truex Jr, Kenny Wallace, Ken Shrader, and some other drivers are suppost to be there.

I might get to meet all of them!!!! :D
That's awesome, nicksbabygurl! I hope you get to meet them.

DannyFan05...thank you so much! I got the golf challenge thing taped today. :D Thanks for getting the show times for me!
I was watching 'Beyond The Wheel' and Matt Kenesth said over the radio 'I'm tired of the 42 bumping me and I'm going to take care of it'. A few laps later he put him in the wall. I got so mad when I heard him say that. My dad's like 'Well, he wouldn't stop it'. I told him that he could've hurt him and he just shook his head and walked out of the room.
You're welcome ThumpyG42. I was going to rewatch it yesterday afternoon but forgot about it and went out to run errands.

nicksbabygurl that would be awesome if you would get to meet all of them.

And you saying that just reminded me (not that my sister hasn't constantly) that in 12 days she and I will be meeting Elliott again (as long as nothing goes wrong). ;)