Multishippers Sanctuary.

I'm a bit of a multishipper, I suppose. I really only ship for NY (since it's my main show ;)).

Danny/Flack--this is my main ship (As you can tell from my avvie and banner, I'm sure. :lol: Heck, if you've seen me around, it's probably pretty obvious that I'm all about the D/F. :p)

Other than D/F, I have a few ships that I follow less avidly: Mac/Flack, Mac/Hawkes, Danny/Hawkes, and I'm even reading a bit of Mac/Danny so it may grow on me (despite originally being against it ;)). As for threesomes, Danny/Flack/Hawkes is pretty hot. ;) (No fanfic that I've seen for it yet, but that can always change. :p)

So yeah, it's pretty obvious that I'm into slash. :lol: But het is creeping onto my radar (the opposite of you iluvroadrunner :lol:). I really only like Mac/Stella at this point. I've written a few Flack/Lindsay stories, but I don't really ship them. ;)

The best part of being a multishipper, for me, is that you can explore the different dynamics between the various characters depending on which relationship they're in.

I don't think there are any drawbacks to being a multishipper, not that I've seen at this point. ;) I mean, sometimes it's hard to find people who are interested in certain ships, of course, and the fanfic might be lacking for some of them, which just makes you sad when you know there's plenty for other ships. :lol:
well, i must say. sara/greg is growing on me, i never really considered it seriously, but when i saw the whole "a real man wouldn't mind" bit again last week, oh god i'm like, KISS HE YOU FOOL! and it makes it worse when "she's really like to kiss him" but she just didn't. i'm mainly GSR but i could love to see them have more scenes together.
With CSI it's really hard not to be multishipper. There is no other show that has this many pairing opportunites. I think it has something to do with the fact that they didn't pin anyone together right from the start, and left you to make up your mind about what you liked.

I'm not trying to bash your ship in any way, but can I ask some of the GSR's why they like the pairing? It's just that they've never really made sense to me or seem to fit, I don't really see a whole lot of chemistry between the pair. I just wanted a different persons perspective on the pairing (hopes she didn't offend anyone).

Actually, that question can be opened up to all shippers, why is it you ship the pairs you do?
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Hiya!...I'm Lisa...I ship Lady Heather/Grissom, but lately I've been shipping Brass/Lady Heather due to reading some incredibly delicious fictions by Cincoflex & VR Trakowski...So yummy..
why do i sail my ships? adorable would be the most obvious thing, but that's not always the case.

Simmers because Wendy asked out Greg and i imediatly thought it was adorable. just like Sandle and CaRWash.

of course now i'm into Lady Heather/Greg, p.s. the thread is called 'Bondage' for those of you who are interested...

I don't watch NY and I just have one pairing that I sorta like on the original, but I multiship all over the place when it comes to Miami. I've shipped Calleigh with almost everybody, lol.

Eric/Calleigh is my main pairing, but I started out as a huge Horatio/Calleigh shipper. And even now, there's a few episodes that I absolutely love the H/C dynamic in. So for the most part, those two have always been the ones I've jumped between. And sometimes there'll be a Ryan/Calleigh scene that makes me go 'aww!' too.

And...leave it to me to fall in love with a pairing a couple years too late, heh. Lately, it's like the Speed/Calleigh pairing has grabbed onto me and won't let go. Which is fairly surprising to me, because up until not long ago, that was the one Calleigh pairing that I just never got. And now there are days where S/C will be my number one favorite pairing.

So...basically I ship Calleigh with everybody, and Horatio/Yelina and Ryan/Valera. :D
I'm a Flack shipper because I adore Flack. Favourite Flack ship is with Mac, mainly because of the season finale. I like him with Danny as well - although I have the overwhelming urge to Gibbs-slap Danny most of the time.

And even though I'm a slasher at heart, I quite like the idea of a Flack/Stella pairing and wouldn't be averse to seeing it on the show (well i'll never get my / so I might as well dream!)
Well, the obvious for me is that if you multi-ship the chances of your ship(s) coming true if better then if you follow one pairing. Also, setting characters up with other characters can make the pairing of relationships so much fun since the different personalities can increase the dynamic of the relationship. For example, I find Mac and Stella a solid couple since they're almost alike. With Danny & Stella it's fun to ship them 'cause they have such fiery tempers unlike Mac who isn't as emotional. If you pair one person with many others you'll find that someone like Flack can give Aiden something Danny can't. It's hard to find just one person who can show you everything you want in a relationship. Multi-shipping allows you to discuss how a character mixes with various others as opposed to one ship in which you will only see the relationship from one point of view. You can't really expand if your horizons if you only allow X character to be with Y character and not B or M character. Basically allowing different characters to be together makes it so much fun, especially if they're different. I hope I made sense.
Oh, yeah...

Forgot to mention, I'm a closet Snicker/Sandles shipper, but also like Warrick & Cath sometimes.

OK, gotta unpack & decorate my loft & have a look
Okay,this is my first post. I hope it's ok.
I think the hookups on the show should have been
Grissom/Catherine or Grissom/Sofia I don't like him
with Sara. It doesn't seem to click with me. I think
she should be with Greg.
Now Brass I would love to see him with a love interest.
Brass/Sofia I can picture them in a lot of different romantic and funny scences. I think both actors would have a ball with the relationship. Now if they don't put Brass with Sofia maybe Catherine or another character like a lawyer.And have the Hill Street Blues thing going on. Furillo and Davenport. Anyways I hope the writers do something nice for Brass. He killed a man and got himself shot. It's time for romance.
Ah, the "Love Boat" of my "ship" armada, featured ship of the week! ::eek:rders up a round of appropriate beverages for all involved::

Maybe our ability to multiship helps us keep it fun and not invest our entire emotional energy on one single ship that may or may not go canon - and of course only a small amount of ships will. Maybe that explains the friendliness around this particular thread...Maybe I'm over analytical...wouldn't be the first time I'd heard it! :lol:
Catherine/Warrick all the way baby! Ovcourse there is a little room for Catherine/Gil as well. Obviously Sara/Nick.. Sara/Grissom just don't go :D
Okay, I'm unsticking this to make way for the newest Featured Ship.

I just want to remind everyone that Athena (RIP) started this thread for people who ship multiple couples and want to promote intership harmony. It is NOT a place to say what couples you don't like. We have threads for that.

Let's honor Athena's memory and stick to the original vision.