Multishippers Sanctuary.

Lol, there's no such thing as too much slash, period. :p

Anyway, I was thinking about another ship just lately, that is Brass/Lady Heather. I don't think we've got a thread for them, but I think they've had great chemistry and would make a very interesting couple.
I think that their characteristics match and Brass would surely enjoy her cup of tea. :D

Now I'm just stuck on a name... :confused:
Aggie said:
Lol, there's no such thing as too much slash, period. :p

I could not agree more. Slash rules! :D

Re: Brass & Lady Heather, have you read Cinco's B/LH fics? They are fantastic (as all her stuff is) - she really sells that ship as not only viable, but as a sweet & romantic (not to mention hot) pairing :)
Of course, I did! That's why I'm so sold on this pairing now! :D

Anybody got an idea for name? Cuz, I cannot think straight (pun intended) right now! :p
Brass and LH? I've never thought about that one before, those two are absolutely hilarious to watch together!

Brass Cuffs is a good idea, me likes very muchly :) but you might want to try playing around with something that will make it a bit more obvious for anyone who doesn't know to whom it is referring. Somethign to do with Brass and Leather for example, or even better, Brass Bondage! :lol:
I'd like it to be one of the LV crew but if they bring in someone who isn't a lying, cheating, <insert massive amounts of insults and bad words> moron! And is worthy of our Sara then I'd be all for it.
She (Sara) is the only character who I'll ship with almost anybody.

It may be because while the other CSIs get "flirted with" a lot more, she's the only one who's had that many office crushes on her.

David tried to ask her out
Grissom wanted to date her (Butterflied)
Nick was awfully flirty
Greg wanted to date her
Hodges has been flirty lately


And, of course, Hank, but... he doesn't count
And, of course, Hank, but... he doesn't count

That's right. he doesn't count cuz he's a skank :mad:

Ah Hank - the only character I allow to be bashed in shipper central :D Oh, and Krycek... I mean Chris. You can bash him too - stupid men, cheating on our two gorgeous ladies - ARE THEY MAD, STUPID OR BOTH!?!?! :mad:

Ahem... okay, I'm much calmer now I've vented :D

Anyway... yay for multishipping - I'm knackered due to the addition of two new threesomes to my already swollen fleet. the ocean is become mightily crowded - I'm beginning to think I should just give up trying to sail and simply tie all the ships together and have a bloody big party instead :lol:
another multi-shipper too :D

I'm a die hard GSR fan but I also enjoy Sara and greg..also nick-greg,sara-hodges :D, sara-cath ,griss-greg ,griss-nick , and a little bit sara and nick..

for the threesomes : greg/griss/sara - cath/nick/warrick -griss/sara/nick - greg/sara/nick ...

thats all I think :confused: :p
I'm a big multi-shipper. I love Snickers. But I also like Sandles and I'm okay with GSR. Sometimes.

I'm a big, big Danny/Lindsay fan, but I love Flack/Lindsay and I was the biggest DnA fan. I also love Flack/Stella as well as Mac/Stella. :D
I'm loving the threesomes, what better way to get two rival ships together!! Such fun, such hottess.

((Now if I could only get my boyfriend into this threesome thing I'm plotting with Jorja then I'd be set! The man doesn't like to share. Sigh. :p))